Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Exclusives: Skin/Body

23 June, 2009

I have to start this with the deal that I am going bat**** crazy over, as it is my holy grail: two 1 ounce tubes of Clarins SPF 40 day screen, an $84 value-for $56! I believe that I did a review of this several weeks ago, and trust me, if you have oily skin, YOU WANT THIS. It gently mattifies the skin and protects. I am a huge fan and recommend it to everybody. Not to mention, it doesn’t make me break out and it doesn’t irritate my skin. Also from Clarins is a 14 ounce size of their Moisture Rich lotion, for $48.50. Just looking at the ingredients list-kukui nut, shea butter, oat, orange, olive, to name a few-makes me very happy. Clarins is pricey, but worth it in my book.

Philosophy has a boatload of deals. There are selected new “celebrations” bath and shower gels-celebrate life (lime blossom), celebrate dreams (lemongrass), celebrate love (blackberry musk), and celebrate you (orange cassis)-for $8 each. They’re 12 ounces, so that’s definitely a steal, as you are getting lower than BBW prices. There’s the Microdelivery face wash, in a 24 ounce jar for $50. It’s designed to be a gentle exfoliator, in which case-sign me up. If you like the Amazing Grace scent, there’s a duo of 32 ounce lotion and 32 ounce 3/1, for $50. Yep, another case of a super insane deal. You also can get a pump-bottle 32 ounce jug of Purity Made Simple cleanser, for only $42.50. That’s a good deal, and I do have congested skin and I wear a ton of makeup, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to buy a huge jug of something that doesn’t work for me.One thing that is a dream of mine to own (never could even think of affording even when I worked) was the Clarisonic skincare brush. It’s a facial cleansing brush by the creators of the Sonicare toothbrush, and it is amazing-it cleanses the skin deeply while helping to make it look younger and more refreshed. This sale, it comes in a value set-for $225, you get the brush, with a charger and two extra heads (sensitive and body spot treatment), as well as three cleansers in a one ounce size and a body polish in a 2 ounce size, along with a case and other goodies. If I wanted the Clarisonic, I would definitely get this if I were you.

Clinique has an insane “Best of Clinique” set for $45. Packed inside a cosmetics bag, you get the Black Honey lipstick, which is a cult fave, the Youth Surge SPF 15 moisturizer, All About Eyes, Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser, and two duos-an eyeliner duo, and then a mascara duo: High Impact on one end, High Impact Curling on the other. I know my mum loves All About Eyes, so this is the type of thing that would be right up her alley.

Shiseido has a really good set for aging skin-this one is $77. Along with a full-size of the NutriPerfect Eye Serum, you get a travel size of the balancing softener, two uses of the eye masks, packettes of the day and night creams, samples of the cleanser and the hand revitalizer, and then a coupon for a free facial service, all in a little cosmetic bag. Way cute!

Kiehl’s has a 33 ounce jug of their Creme de Corps for $70. From the description, it’s the kind of thing that people with extremely dry skin may want to give a try, saying that in 10 days your skin will have entirely different texture to it.

For $85, you can get a duo of the Salon Size (32 ounce) Fekkai Technician colour care shampoo and conditioner. I’m a Fekkai fan myself, although I kinda wish they had it in the glossing, or better yet, the new Au Naturel.

We’ve also got a duo of the Evian facial spritz-two 1.7 sizes along with the 10 ounce can, for only $15. It is noted that people use it as a makeup fixer (like MAC’s Fix+, for example) so that makes it seem like a good value to me.

Donna Karan has a few deals herself. For $75, you get a 32 ounce pump bottle of her “cleansing lotion” (translation: body wash), along with a 2.5 ounce size that you can refill (smart for travel). For $95, you can get the same package, except with the body lotion. Also, for $32, you can get a trio of the deodorants. It isn’t as great a deal-as normally the deodorants would work out to $12 apiece.

Now we get into more of the value sets. La Mer has one that is a 1 ounce of the creme, a .05 of the serum, and then a little bottle of the eye concentrate, for $240. Kinerase has a $150 “All About Eyes” set with the Extreme Lift for eyes, the intensive eye cream, the C8 Peptide Intensive treatment, and then the “Cream”, which is a face lotion. This is worth more than double the price of the set, so if you use the brand, it’s something you may want to look into. Kate Somerville has a travel set worth over $300, but yours for $200-with the undereye cream, the vitamin face serum, the hydrating face cream, and the tissue repair cream, all in small sizes that fit perfectly inside the little silver cosmetic bag.

MD Skincare has one that is designed to help make the skin look brighter and refined. You get 30 applications of the 2-step glyco peel, an eye cream, a firming serum, a vitamin C serum, and then a cleanser/toner, for $130. I’m all for vitamin C serums, and this set actually looks interesting. It also is intended for all ages, so good for those of us who dealt with acne when we were young. On the note of acne, DDF has a three-piece set of 1.7 ounce sizes, for $65, of the foaming face wash, the mattifying lotion, and the acne treatment. This looks very promising, and it’s in sizes perfect for the airplane. If you want something organic, though, Juice Beauty has an interesting set for $29. You get three lip balms, as well as two different mineral-based moisturizers, a face mist, and then an apple peel. This is the sort of thing that I would find interesting, as I am trying to move towards organics and naturals for my skincare and I love my Clarins sunscreen, which is mineral-based.

Back to acne though-Mario Badescu has a travel set, featuring full sizes of the drying lotion and anti-acne serum, with promo sizes of the drying mask, healing cream, oil free moisturizer, and cleanser. You also get, for no reason known to me, a shower sponge. Hey, we all need them…the set is $28.

Prescriptives has two duos. The $95 Intense Rebuilding duo features full-sizes of the rebuilding moisturizer and the eye cream, in a “sleek purple bag”. It is worth $160, so you are definitely getting a great deal here. The $60 “All You Need +” set has full sizes of that moisturizer, for more normal skin, along with the eye cream, in the same “sleek purple bag”. It is an $89.50 value though, so you at least are getting a deal.

Perricone has a $55 intro set with full sizes of the cleanser and toner, as well as a recipe book, a small size of a face moisturizer, and three packets of the Superberry supplement powder. Osmotics has an eye set that is $100, featuring an undereye rejuvenator, an undereye firming cream, an “oil solvent”, and then six vitamin C treatment packettes. Cosmedicine, meanwhile, has a behemoth of a set. You get a 4.2 ounce foaming cleanser (3/1-cleanser, toner, makeup remover), a gentle exfoliator, an antioxidant serum, a day moisturizer, a PM moisturizer, an eye cream, and a wrinkle filler. The set is $75, and it’s definitely making me say one thing: Eat your heart out, Wexler sets. On the note of a newer skincare line, ZO Skin Health has a set for $179 with promotional sizes of their exfoliating face wash, exfoliating polish, “growth serum”, overnight recovery cream, and a day screen+primer. I use my Clarins day screen like a primer and it works out really, really well for me. Caudalie, meanwhile, has a set of just travel sizes for $39. You get an instant foaming cleanser, the Vinoperfect day cream, night cream, and radiance mask, a body lotion, a hand/nail cream, and “Beauty Elixir”. This is definitely a good starter kit for anyone looking to try the line out, I only wonder how it would work on my more oily skin.

Phyto has a dry hair set, featuring 6.7 sizes of the shampoo and mask, a promo size of the daily cream, and a blow-dryer bag, for $59. Meanwhile, Elemis has two things. The first, a $125 traincase set, features the eye renewal, the quartz lifting serum, the marine day cream and oxygenating night cream, the neck/bust lifting treatment, and the quartz lifting mask. Second, there is a super-size of the Tri-Enzyme face wash, a 13.5 ounce size, for $70. Dr. Robert Rey’s Sensual Solutions line has a set here as well, featuring Face Up To It, Severe Line Refine, Inhibitox, Fully Loaded, Eye Promise, and Lip Correct, all in a travel-sized bag. The line, I believe, is another line of products designed to mimic the effects of cosmetic surgery without the pain. This set is $85, so a good way to try the line as well.

Decleor has four different value sizes-the hand cream in an 8.4 ounce bottle for only $50, the Systeme Corps body lotion in a 13.5 ounce bottle for $50.5o, a 13.5 ounce cleansing milk for $38 (for the face), and the tonifying lotion (toner) in the same size package as the cleansing milk for the same price. Bliss also has a super-sized package, this time the 15 ounce size of their foaming face wash for only $29. L’Occitane’s entry into the sale sweepstakes is a duo of the L’Amanda shower oil, for $29.50-a $44 value. Chanel, meanwhile, has a $75 bottle of Chanel No. 5 bath oil, which seems so luxe-if I liked that fragrance.

Need a T3 hair dryer? For $119, you get a value set of the dryer, a small barrel brush, and a four-ouncer of the heat-activated hair plumper.

Finally, we get the men’s products. Anthony Logistics has a 32 ounce bottle of the glycolic face wash-for $32. It’s an $80 value! Jack Black also has two pump bottles-a 16 ounce of the face wash for $32, and a 33 ounce of the Beard Lube for $60. Last but not least, you get a 33.8 bottle of Billy Jealousy’s Illicit body wash for $65.


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  1. djadlen Says:

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  2. Ashley Andrews Says:

    I love Juice Beauty! I love their Mineral Moisturizers, especially the SPF 20 Mineral Medium Moisturizer. I use it instead of a concealer for the summertime, its very light weight. Whenever I need a bit more coverage, I use a mineral powder on top. Love it!! I purchase all my Juice Beauty products at Sephora.

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