Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Exclusives: Fragrance

23 June, 2009

Mmm, fragrance. My favourite thing. And there are plenty of new and exclusive fun things-we start out with the new “Couture Couture” by Juicy Couture roll-on. I have a feeling this is a product that will launch nationally later this year, as all the rollerballs do:) The fragrance is said to have notes of pink grape, star jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla. I was underwhelmed by both Juicy Couture and Viva la Juicy, so I hope this is way better. This will retail for $16. Continuing on the note of Juicy, there are two new hatbox gift sets-one for the original and one for Viva La Juicy. They each have a 3.4 ounce bottle of the EDP and a tub of the body cream, along with a compact miror, for $98.

More hatboxes? You got them! CH by Carolina Herrera has a $90 hatbox with a 3.4 of the perfume and a 6.8 of the lotion. Daisy by Marc Jacobs has the new fall one, which is $85, and has the 3.4 perfume, a 5.1 lotion, and the solid perfume necklace. The perfume ring actually made an appearance on Daisy of Love, so who knows, it may end up on in the next box! Moving on, it’s boxed sets. Ed Hardy has a set for each of his four fragrances, and they retail for $55 each. Honestly, I was unimpressed with those perfumes. The original women’s one is a bleh fruity-floral that is a ripoff of Escada’s Pacific Paradise, and the Love & Luck is nothing great. They all have a 1.7 of the perfume or cologne, and then a shower wash and either a shimmer lotion or body lotion. The packaging is good though-that’s the best part of the perfume. Which is kind of sad, if you ask me. True Religion has $59 box sets, with a 1.7 perfume and 3 ounce lotion and shower gel.

Want something luxe? Bvlgari Jasmin Noir is for you. This behemoth of a set has a 3.4 perfume, 6.7 lotion and shower gel, along with a mirror and pouch-yours for only $220. The perfume STARTS, pricewise, over $100, so that is more expected.

Angel has a couple of different sets. The first one, the anniversary set, has a 1.7 refillable perfume, a 3.5 lotion, a lipgloss, a stand for the perfume, and then a hatbox to keep it all in for $110. Angel is one of the more expensive perfumes out there, however the whole “Angel Source” idea, where you can bring the perfume in to be refilled, is a genius and environmentally-friendly one. Too bad that oh, Angel grosses me out. The other thing is a shimmering body powder, 2.6 ounces for $70. I am a huge fan of body powders, but layering Angel just gives me the willies.

Pink Sugar has a $42 deluxe travel set, that has a 1 ounce EDT and then 1.7 sizes of lotion, shower gel, body mousse, and body scrub. This is a good set for people going on vacation-and it’s all in airport-approved sizes, for convenience. Gotta love it.

Versace has a set of their new Versense fragrance for $65 with 1.7 sizes of EDT, lotion, and body wash. At that price, I expect EDP typically-EDT wears off in no time whatsoever. There is also a men’s set (Versace Pour Homme) of 1.7 sizes of the cologne, hair/body wash, and aftershave, for the same price.

Hanae Mori has two sets featuring her Paris Butterfly fragrance. The first features a 1 ounce EDT and a deodorant, for $25. Not bad. Then you have a 3.4 of the EDP, for $120. I haven’t tried Paris Butterfly, however I have samples of the Hanae Mori EDT and I love it. It’s a great sultry scent without being cloying or having the dreaded patchouli. On the note of a more sultry fragrance, we have Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. For $92, you get a 1.7 EDP as well as a 5 ounce cleansing oil. Now THAT, that looks interesting.

Flowerbomb has an anniversary set-1.7 sizes of lotion, body wash, EDP, and yes, the hair mist. I actually like hair mists-my hair can stink after not very long at all and this could help. The set, however, is $115. I’ll have to pass for now, sadly.

Donna Karan has a Cashmere Mist travel set, with a travel spray and two refills, for $45. I am a huge fan of travel perfumes, but honestly the sculptural bottle is way too pretty for me to take along-so in a case like this, I would refill from a full size into a plain atomizer.

Jo Malone has a duo that is actually a good value-1 ounce sizes of her White Jasmine/Mint and Nectarine Blossom/Honey colognes for $75. I’m not into either of those scents, but the thing I like about her is that she is about fragrance layering, which means that I’ve got my eye on a few different JM colognes myself.

Armani has two men’s sets that feature a large size EDT and a 1 ounce travel size. The Acqua di Gio set is $74.50, and has a 3.4 EDT, while the Armani Code set has a 2.5 and goes for $73.

Narciso Rodriguez has a really good set for $94, that features a 3.3 EDP, a 1.7 body cream, and then two drawer fresheners, I mean bar soaps. Issey Miyake has a $65 set with a 1.6 EDT, along with a 1.4 body cream and then a perfume roll-on. Prada has their Infusion d’Iris in a set of a 3.4 perfume and an 8.5 body lotion, for $100. That is an insane value, because that’s EDP we are talking about, and then a full-size lotion. Sign me up.

Philosophy has their Unconditional Love set, with an 8 ounce 3 in 1, an 8 ounce firming body lotion, and then a perfume, for $59.50.

That’s it for perfumes! Many of the items in fragrance are also falling under the jurisdiction of bodycare, so I exercised caution and moved anything that was just lotion into that. Expect a posting later today:)


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