Estee Lauder GWP at Macy’s!

22 June, 2009

This has been out for awhile, so I’m a bit off the ball here. This is the big GWP tote and boy, is it gorgeous! The tote itself is a navy and white patent stripey tote, very beach-inspired, with hot pink patent trim, to break it up. You also get a little pink pouch/wallet thingy, which is very good to have if you are using the tote for its intended purchase.

Before I get too much further, I must mention that this is free with a $32.50 purchase. Specifically, FOUNDATION or SKINCARE. That’s right. If you buy one of the new eye quads, no GWP. Honestly I am not a huge fan of that, but that’s business.

Anywhoo, you don’t get a whole lot on the colour front. You do get two lipsticks-Nectarine and Sugar Honey. The former of the two actually looks like a nice lipstick to have! It’s definitely a case of having items that anyone can use, so that no choice is necessary. Then you get their “10 day supply” of Projectionist mascara. I haven’t tried that one, and I’m definitely interested to try it out.

Finally, you get your two skincare samples-Take It Away makeup remover and DayWear SPF 15 day cream.


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