Estee Lauder Sensuous Gold (Fall 09)

20 June, 2009

So I was taking a browse on the Nordie’s website, and I saw this:

nordstrom.comThis, to be exact, is Estee Lauder's new Gilded Rose shimmer powder, and I am all over this! While Estee Lauder may be a bit late to the whole baked products game, you can't help but fall in love with this. The colour looks like a pinker version of Refined MSF from the MAC Sugarsweet collection, and you also get a little brush with this! I am assuming that this is going to be similar shimmer to Refined and Perfect Topping-that is, very subtle compared to many other baked products. This will be more of a glow product, and I am all over it for that reason. It will retail for $36.Going along with the theme is the eye quad. Wait-there are TWO of them! I do not have a picture of Rose Amethyst yet, but as for Rose

Can you just say FABULOUS? I am all over this, and I am not usually into neutral shades-but this is an essential: a good highlight, a gold, an orange-y gold, and a bronze. This retails for $35, and if this is any indication, the Rose Amethyst ought to be pretty good as well. Estee Lauder shadows are ridiculously well pigmented, and I love metal casings for quads and such-it just feels so glamourous. That’s one reason I am not parting with my Lancome palette-it has an amazing casing.

But there’s no time to dilly-dally. We’ve got lip products, people!

This is the Plum Amethyst shade of their Signature lipstick. There are three other colours-Cinnamon, Rose Amethyst, and Terracotta. I am interested in checking those last two out, as anything plum on the lips can tend to get into hot mess territory, at least on me. I haven’t tried any of the Signature lipsticks, to be honest-I honestly wish they did them in the Pure Colour Crystal. Those, my friends, are sex on lips. Okay, that’s a bad analogy. I mean, they are extremely awesome. These will retail for $19.50 each.

Joining the lipsticks are the new Pure Colour Multi Glosses. Yes, if you look closely, that’s three layers. I know that MAC’s tricolour glasses got a lot of crap for well, just generally sucking, but these look better. First of all, it’s a round tube packaging. Second, the shades all flow into each other, in a way. There aren’t huge differences as far as texture go, either. Finally, it’s fairly low shimmer. These will sell for $18 each, and you can choose from the pictured Rose Gold, or Amethyst.

Finally, we have the nail polishes to go with it. Pictured above is Black Amethyst. Now I have obvious reasons for hating that name, but that is a pretty colour! The other colour to go with this is Rose Gold, and these also retail for $18 apiece.

This is currently available on, but as far as other availability? Probably in the next few weeks.


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