Beauty On The Run

20 June, 2009

I figured this would be something fun for me to do-easy ways to get a makeup look done in little to no time at all! Some days, we are just cramped for time, and we need something that can be done in preferrably less than 10 minutes. This won’t be total looks just yet-but it will be more of suggestions of things that can be done.

Idea 1: Palettes
To me, this is a no-brainer. You have many products at hand in a small amount of space, without as much of an issue as far as spillage goes. The MAC Pro Palettes are a bit big for many purses (unless you are like me and love the big purse), but the large size can fit 15 pans of eyeshadow. That saves a ton of space in a makeup bag. You can also do a quad of your chosen shadows, which is a really good way to get a coherent look in a small amount of space. For many people, they only need four eye colours-a highlight, a lid shade, a crease shade, and then an outer third shade. Pre-made palettes are also good, but I’m not talking about big palettes with hundreds of products-I’m talking about a typical MAC palette with 6 shadows. That way, you have a few more options.Idea 2: Multi-Taskers
NARS has the Multiple. MAC has the CCB. Many brands have them-they are an item that is designed to be used on more than one area of the face. Typically, they’ll be a pinkish shade, or maybe a bronze. The beauty of these is you can save a lot of time. However, I don’t typically use the same product on my lips and cheeks, as the cheek products I like can end up being way too frosty for me. Coming from a shimmer addict like myself, that’s saying a lot. MAC has a smallish selection of the CCB’s, however their PRO line has a lot of brighter shades that could be used on more than one area. I would use Flaming Fuschia, but that’s just me:) I haven’t tried the Multiples yet, as I have yet to try any NARS. The best part is that these usually fit into a very compact area, saving not only time, but space.

Idea 3: Skip The Brushes
As a makeup fan and admitted germaphobe, I sometimes cringe at the thought of this. However, it isn’t all bad. For the lips, I apply straight from the tube normally, so it’s no biggie. I can do a lip look in less than two minutes. For the cheeks, there are several options. MAC’s CCB’s are a big one, I would definitely go Fabulush for a cheek colour. Smashbox has the O-Glow and O-Bronze, which you would sweep on as well. mark has Cheek Tubes, which are little tubes of gel blush you blend in with your fingers. They also used to have Blushpaint, which had a little brush with it. I typically recommend using a brush with cheek colour though, however there are a lot of people who prefer to use their fingers with Blushcremes and such. Finally, for the eyes, three words: cream shadow sticks. mark has Winksticks, MAC has Shadesticks, many other brands do them too. It’s very easy to take a shade like Gentle Lentil and sweep it all over the lid for a quick eye look on the neutral side, Corn for a pop of colour, or Sea Me (if you can find it) for a bold look. You can also use MAC’s Paints in the same manner, but I prefer to use a brush for less total mess. Same idea though.

Idea 4: Cut Down Products
This is definitely the easiest way to save time-cut down on the total number of products that you use. For most people, foundation and concealer will be an absolute must. Mascara should be a must too. However, here is where you can start cutting. You don’t necessarily need to do a blush every day-you can do an all-over powder like MAC’s Beauty Powders, and that will give a nice glow. You don’t have to do lipstick and gloss-you can just do a pigmented lipglass. Like your red lips? Russian Red lipglass will work wonders for you. Want a nice, more neutral look? Go for Wonderstruck Lustreglass. Finally, for the eyes, the biggest thing that I have found to be impactful is to line my waterline. I have found that using the 212 brush with a powder shadow in a satin or matte finish has been helpful, my shadow of choice being Contrast. Also a colour that always works on the eyes in a hurry is a gold-it’s got more zing than a neutral but still looks professional.


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