FOTD: Precious Metals (17 June 09)

17 June, 2009

The theme of today? Precious metals. I originally had done a smokey look, but it was all kinds of wrong. So I was able to throw this together, and I am quite happy with the results.


You need:
Eyes: Estee Lauder More than Mascara, Goldmine eyeshadow, Solar White eyeshadow, Gold Dusk pigment, Gold Mode pigment, In Living Pink eyeshadow, Amber Lights eyeshadow, Silver Fog pigment
Cheeks: Solar Riche bronzer, Love Rock mineralize duo, On A Mission BPB, Gold Dusk pigment
Lips: Tropic Glow slimshine, Ms. Fizz Dazzleglass

Substitutions: Solar White=Nylon. Gold Dusk=Vanilla. Gold Mode=Melon. In Living Pink=Lancome Kitten Heel. Solar Riche=whichever bronzer you want. Love Rock=Love Thing. On A Mission=Breezy. Tropic Glow=Sweetie. Ms. Fizz=Extra Amps.

Directions: Use a 275 to apply Solar White from the crease to the brow, and then use a brush of your choice to apply Gold Mode in the crease. Apply Goldmine over the entire lid, with Amber Lights on the outer third. In Living Pink should be applied with a 231 or 219 on the inner corner of the eye, with Gold Dusk on the inner crease. Finally, use a 212 to apply Silver Fog as a lower liner and use a 217 to soften the liner. Do a coat of mascara on bottom lashes, then two on top-one on the upside and one on the downside. For the face, sweep Solar Riche (or your bronzer of choice) very lightly along the cheekbone, down the nose, on the chin, and above the brow. Lightly take a 109 or similar brush and apply Love Rock on the apple of the cheek, going up a bit. Sweep On A Mission along the cheekbone, and then use a 217 to apply Gold Dusk right on the top of the cheekbone. Blend it into the blush so no lines show, and then use your buffer brush to buff it all together. Finally, one coat of Tropic Glow topped with one coat of Ms. Fizz will finish it off for you.




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