FOTD: Ah, Weeding. (16 June 09)

16 June, 2009

This look was inspired by well, the weeds I’ve been having to pull. In a way. I wanted to do something kinda fun, since I’ve been limited over the last few days, so here this is! It’s actually a really simple look, and I have a new technique for getting perfect blending of the colours so that it has a more professional look.


You need:
Eyes: Benefit BadGal Lash, Shell CCB, Rose Blanc eyeshadow, Bright Future eyeshadow, Aquavert eyeshadow, Cool Heat eyeshadow, Aquadisiac eyeshadow, Reflects Blue glitter
Cheeks: Love Rock mineralize duo, Solar Riche bronzer, Salsabelle CCB
Lips: Big Bow lipstickSubstitutions: Rose Blanc=Shroom. Bright Future=Nylon+Chrome Yellow. Aquavert=Fresh Green Mix. Cool Heat=Teal pigment. Love Rock=Love Thing. Salsabelle=Fabulush. Big Bow=Lustering.

Directions: After applying BadGal lash, use a 252 to apply Rose Blanc from the crease to the brow. Use a concealer brush to apply Shell all over the lid, and use a 231 to apply Bright Future to the inner third of the eyelid. Then apply Aquavert using a 219 or 231, and use a small blending brush to blend the two together. You will want a brush like the 226 for this-what you do is you go straight up-and-down, and in a mini zig-zag motion. It takes a little practice but it works! Then use a 231 to apply Cool Heat to the outer third, and use the same blending method to blend it out. Use your tiny blending brush to apply Aquadisiac in the crease, followed by Reflects Blue in the crease as well. Finish the eye by applying Aquadisiac as a lower line with whatever brush you prefer-I used the tip of a 219 dupe. For the cheeks, use your small blush brush (ie 109) to apply Love Rock from the apple of the cheek up along the cheekbone, and follow with a little bit of Solar Riche. Buff well with a 181, and then use whatever method you want to get some Salsabelle on the apple of the cheek. Finish with one coat of Big Bow on the lips and you are good to go.



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