Sunday’s Hauling

14 June, 2009

So what better to do on a Sunday after church? Mini hauls, of course! MAC has their online-only Friends & Family sale on Tuesday-Thursday, just enter code SUMO to take 25% off your purchase. The only exclusions are Viva Glam lipsticks.

Anywhoo, so my mum could figure out what kind of stuff she wanted, she went down to the MAC store with me today-and let’s just say it was interesting for her. She walked in just to browse-and left with Studio Sculpt, Prep & Prime Face, a 168, a 222, a 4-pan palette, and pro pans of Blanc Type, Kid, Sketch, and Quarry. Also a Goldyrocks, but that was for me! I’ll have swatches up soon-and it was the second-to-last one at the store. It’s a very interesting colour-it’s a sheer yellow, but it doesn’t really show. It gives the lips a hint of gold, which I think is way cool. It has red and gold reflects in it, which is a very interesting combination and quite something to look at. It’s no substitute for my beloved Pleasure Principle, but it is an interesting colour that you should snag while you still can. I feel the opacity is on par with that of Extra Amps-that is, very sheer.Then it was off to ULTA. For her 50’s themed party on Wednesday, I let Mom borrow my Tiny Wine-y Essie polish (that I had never used). I have so many polishes, it’s unbelievable. They had all Essie’s B2G1 free, so she got quite a few (with my suggesting, of course) and bought me three polishes. One of them, OPI’s Conga Line Coral, is from their Miami collection, and it’s a very neutral coral. It almost reminds me of terracotta in a way. I will be doing my toes in it VERY shortly, but I can’t mess up my fingers-I have Didgeridoo Your Nails on right now. Then I got two Essie’s on clearance. One of them-Bags to Riches-was only $1. It’s a neutral cream, which is something I needed to have in the first place, and it looks like it may work well. The other one-Handle With Flair-is a dark brownish-red. I hope to have swatches of all of these up within the next few days.

Oh, and I also got a sample of JPG “Ma Dame”. I definitely recommend this fragrance:)


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