MAC Naked Honey: Brief Thoughts

14 June, 2009

So when I was at the Freestanding today, I actually got to see Naked Honey! And honestly-this is one collection that, for the most part, is worth skipping. I didn’t get to do extensive looking since it was all over the store for makeovers-but I’m doing my best.

Let’s start with the perfumes: AVOID THEM, PLEASE. They have decent lasting power on my wrists, and they are both atrocious. Naked Honey has a bit of floral to it, which makes it somewhat tolerable, but Africanimal is absolutely horrid. I can see some people liking them, people who are really into ambers and so forth-but it is not my thing. They just smell positively rank to me. On that note, so does the skincare. I smelled the salve, and one whiff said “DO NOT even put me on”-so I didn’t. It looked to be very rich though, which is always nice.The highlight powders are definitely very workable for most people. The lighter of the two is quite light-after you get the overspray off, I would venture it could be used similar to a Beauty Powder. The darker one looks like a bronzer, at least to me. I didn’t get to swatch them or anything, sadly-but they look very workable. Plus, the honeycomb design is cute-if not entirely practical.

The lipglasses are, well, meh. She’s A Star is a repromote from the A-Mei collection that was a limited release in early 2008, and it’s a very pale neutral gold, bordering on unwearable for me. Queen Bee looks like a darker version of Silly Girl, without the heavy silver-ness to it. Buzz is the most interesting looking one, it looks like a more wearable version of Style Warrior (so more gold, less brown). The latter two apparently do have the multidimensional pearl.

Finally, for the eyeshadows, these at least look great. Pollinator is the standout for me-it’s a very pale coral frost. Buckwheat is a dark colour I could definitely go for. And Creme de Miel is way better than most of the highlights so far this year-between a crappy Lustre and that piece of crap known as Soft Force, this is one worth owning. I tend not to pay retail for LE highlights, as they always hit the outlets-Solar White was a big exception though.

My grade for this collection? I give it a C+ because it was just average. Sure, some great eyeshadows couldn’t save it from the perfume crapfest.


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