Fall MAC Tidbits

12 June, 2009

So rumours are swirling around the Internets and beyond about what MAC will be coming out with this fall. There has been a lot of stuff that people have heard-some of it, wrong, some of it, I hope to be true. We won’t know for sure for about a month, however, when the artists hit the fall updates and we can get the final word. Take this all with a grain of salt.

First up: The All-Black Collection. This one has been confirmed to be FALSE. After fashion week, there were rumours swirling that there was going to be an all-black collection, but this has been confirmed to be false, from my source who had a source from corporate debunk it. However, there are going to be black accents throughout the fall. I have heard that there will potentially be a black lipstick and a black Dazzleglass-but honestly, it’s a year late. Lancome and YSL both did black lip products a year ago, so it’s kind of old news now. However, this fall is going to be two dichotomies: brights and darks. Will there be an all-black collection? No. Expect more black than ever, however. You’re not getting a black MSF or anything.Next rumour? Dsquared2. I confirmed it back almost 2 months ago, and this fits in very well with the black emphasis this fall. I honestly see this collection having an eye quad, sculpt/shape powders, and then pale lips. It’s a very strong fall look, that could be very easy to take to the nightclubs, because most people don’t think to even do a lip with a smokey eye. I also like the idea of a sculpted cheek, and hope they give a tutorial. This will be like the sister of Cult of Cherry, at least to me. However, exact product details are not known.

What about those Mattenes? I can’t say anything yet, because I’ve been hearing rumours that they would become permanent for almost a year now. I am hoping that they are a fall launch IF they do come out, because I absolutely love them, and I like a nice matte lip for a retro look.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, or VAE, is one that I also hope is true. It was an exfoliator that came out with Neo Sci-Fi’s Future Earth skincare displayer last year, and the high quantity, low price, and results made it sell out, as people bought 5 or more jars. I had a tiny sample and absolutely loved it, as I have nasty combination skin and it really helped make it look super-clear.

Matte nail polishes? I’ve heard that this is true, but haven’t heard anything recently. Do NOT be surprised because everyone is getting into the matte polish business, from OPI to Zoya. OPI’s are remaking 6 of their most popular colours, so I hope that MAC’s are bright. One thing with matte polishes-they crack and chip like crazy.

The big thing, at least from some rumours I have seen, is that the other focus besides black is going to be brights. The 80’s influence in fashion was very prevalent in the fall shows-be it disco sequins or bright colours-and expect to see brights and metals galore. I would NOT be surprised if a metal pigment is repromoted in this, and I hope for a repromote of either Show Orchid or Hollywood Nights-I would not be surprised if it was the former as it sold out FAST.

Also, this just came to me: there is apparently going to be a collection that is taking it “back to the roots”. MAC, if you didn’t know, was originally designed to be for the makeup artists, and it could either be the sorts of colours that artists use, or it could be a totally insane collection about creating super-artistic looks, a la Pat McGrath for Dior Couture.

More to come later.


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