Estee Lauder Online GWP

12 June, 2009

This one ends soon, but I figured I would post it while I had the chance! It’s over a $100 value, yours free with a $39.50 purchase! If you are tired of crappy GWP’s, this is the solution.

First, you choose your moisturizer. It’s a 14-day supply of the DayWear Plus (for preventing skin damage), Hydra Bright (for evening the skintone), Resilience Lift Extreme (for lifting and firming-this is only available with warm skintones), and Time Zone (anti-wrinkle, and only with cools).

Then you choose your colour palette: Warm or Cool. Each palette has a lipstick, a High Gloss, an 8-shadow eye palette (one eye quad and four singles), and a Double Wear shadow stick. The Warm palette has High Gloss in Honey, Pure Colour Crystal (my fave!) lipstick in Coral, Double-Wear Shadow Stick in Golden Peach, and then for the eye palette, Peach, Apricot, Chocolate, Praline, and the Amber Honey quad. The Cool palette has High Gloss in Rose, Pure Colour Crystal lipstick in Tiramisu, Double-Wear Shadow Stick in Pink Shell, and for the eye palette, Mulberry, Lavender, Sugar Cube, Berry Ice, and the Smokey Pink quad.

Finally, you get a cosmetic bag-a quite sizeable one, at that, and what I consider to be the best product-a spray vial of the Tuberose Gardenia fragrance. It looks to actually be quite a good size.

Not to mention, with every order you get two free samples. I personally would go for the Pure White Linen spinoff sample, as well as the eyeshadow. Sure, it has a spongetip applicator, but EL’s actually work quite well!

I also have a review of EL’s More than Mascara coming shortly, so stay tuned.


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