MAC Naked Honey Now Online!

9 June, 2009

It launches in-store on Thursday-however, this weekend only, there is an online-only Friends & Family event where you can take 25% off your order! I will post the code when I get the email.

The whole inspiration for this collection? Honey and bees. The colours are way more neutral but with a  bit of a punch-very warm, somewhat frosty shades that can fit in well in any makeup collection. For most of us, neutral shades are one thing we tend to lack-so this can bring in a couple interesting ones.

Creme de Miel-Frosty light yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl). Based on description alone, this seems very similar to Solar White.
Pollinator-Midtone warm reddened peach with gold pearl (Frost). This is the shade that I personally would love the most of anything-it just seems so gorgeous.
Buckwheat-Dark copper brown with multidimensional pearl (Frost). Thank goodness this is a frost-I could potentially need this one as well.Lipglasses:
She’s A Star-Light neutral gold (Frost). This seems to be something more neutral than Liberated, so it would be way more workable for anyone.
Queen Bee-Midtone apricot with multidimensional pearl (Frost). I have a dearth of neutral-y lipglasses in my collection, and this would be the perfect addition-apricot colours are AMAZING on me.
Buzz-Dark copper brown with multidimensional pearl (Frost). Even though this is a darker shade, it seems to me that it could be very workable for most anyone-as summer does call for coppers and bronzes.

Highlight Powders: These are a texturized face powder (in this case, it’s a honeycomb texture) with a shimmer overspray. Once you lose the overspray, it’s more of a matte powder. I have heard nothing but good reviews about these ones! To me, these would work well as a lighter bronzer, for people who are lighter or don’t want a ton of bronze but just a highlight. These retail for $24.50.
Honey Light-Light peachy gold
Golden Nectar-Muted golden tan

Now we get into the skincare-yes, skincare. There are three body products just for this collection. All are formulated with honey ingredients, which I will get into for each product.

First up is a skin salve. It’s meant to be used as an intensive moisturizer for hands, feet, knees, elbows, the whole shebang. It is a tiny jar-under an ounce and a half-but I presume it is very concentrated. It is apparently flavoured like honey, so you can imagine that it smells like it, too. For me, personally, I don’t like honey smells, but to each their own. It is formulated with beeswax and other natural ingredients, which is always good to hear. It retails for $18.50, and it is apparently, according to many, AMAZING.

Next is a Hand/Body cream. Again, it’s a small package-3.4 ounces, specifically. It’s made with bio-converted honey and other natural ingredients, and is designed for intensive moisture. I have tried a hand/body cream before from Gilly Hicks, and I actually liked it. When I get money, I’ll review some of their stuff because the hand/body creams are very rich. The one thing that is putting me off this is the price-it’s $22.50. For that price, I can go to BBW and get the spa size of Lay It On Thick, which works really well for my dry areas. However, I have to try this, as I need to be objective.

Finally in body care, there is a body wash. Again, this is 3.4 ounces, however when I look at the ingredients list I see a lot of good things. Lavender, narcissus, agave, jasmine flower waxes-one of the things I lament about BBW is that in going more up-luxe, they are using less and less of the “natural” extracts in their products, which is turning my mum away as well because she can’t do a ton of artificial stuff. Some of their newer fragrances, like Velvet Tuberose and Enchanted Orchid, do have some components of it that are too hard to obtain naturally, so it’s understandable. Ironically, those are our two favourites! (Like mum, like daughter I suppose) So for me to see all the extracts in there makes me a very happy camper. Again, though, it’s the value thing-you’re only getting 3.4 ounces for $19.50. However, it does look to be pretty moisturizing and calming, which could make it worth every penny.

Finally, we have two new limited edition perfumes, both with honeycomb packaging. (How cute) Africanimal is a honey scent blended with bergamot, pepper, and woody notes, while Naked Honey is a honey scent blended with woody notes and light florals. Being the perfume junkie that I am, I have to try them both, even though neither one is my style-I like floral-florals (MK Bermuda, Fracas), fruity florals (Escada anything), and some gourmands (L de Lolita Lempicka, Pink Sugar). They retail for $22.50 apiece, however in July, many products are going to be going up in price. Our good friends have posted a list of the price increases, so hold onto your wallets and stock up while you have the chance.

What would I get, personally? I am probably skipping this for now, however I would get Creme de Miel, Queen Bee, Pollinator, Buckwheat, and the highlight powders, if I could.


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