Essie Neons Review

6 June, 2009

Well, on Thursday, I was able to get my hands on one of the new Essie Neon polishes for the spring. Trust me, they are quite neon. You have your choice of four colours-Funky Limelight, Punchy Pink, Perky Purple, and Flirty Fuschia. Funky Limelight is a definite traffic-sign neon green (most traffic signs are moving to a neon green, from what I noticed), Perky Purple is a definite brighter purple, Punchy Pink is a true blue-pink, and Flirty Fuschia is a mix of Perky Purple and Punchy Pink. All of the colours are very pretty.

The interesting thing about these is that they dry down to a matte finish. Matte nail polishes are going to be a huge trend going into the fall, so this is a way to be ahead of the curve while at the same time, still keeping the brights that are a big trend for the summer. If you like a glossier finish, you can use a topcoat, although I’ve heard that some matte polishes are not designed to work with topcoats.However…if you want good colour with this, be prepared to work for it, and I mean work. I had to use 5 coats, 6 on some nails, just to get a decent amount of colour that was semi-opague. For reference, a good polish should take no more than two coats, sometimes three, preferrably one, in order to get total opacity. So this failed. Even worse is how streaky it is. No matter how many coats I used, and how thick I used it, I still have streaks, although with 5.5 coats I have opacity from a distance. The best way to do it is to get a giant drop on the nail and then really cover the whole thing, instead of wiping excess polish on the inner rim of the bottle before applying.

These retail for $8 each-I got mine at a store where they are $7.50 though (Beauty Works, at Southcenter Mall)-but honestly, I would only buy the rest of these if they went on clearance. I have way too many polishes that work semi-decently to pay full price for any more of these. Nonetheless, I will get a backup of Funky Limelight as it is such a fun colour and yeah, it takes 6 coats (a coat later on in the day, or the next day) to get it good, but I have never seen a colour like this before.

If you’re looking for a good alternative colour to get for the summer, Aruba Blue is gorgeous-if you can find it. The Essie website still stocks it.


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