MAC Graphic Garden Collection (Nordstrom Exclusive)

3 June, 2009

Today, I happened to be down at Nordstrom, and they had the preview book for Graphic Garden! Every July, for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, MAC puts out an exclusive collection with brush sets and palettes, as Nordstrom was the first department store to stock MAC. In addition, Nordie’s gets an eye quad in May, as well as a glamour kit for the Holidays and occasionally other little things (like the Gold Fever collection). Well this time, we’ve got a collection. It’s a much smaller collection, but I still think it will do quite well. The launch date for this is the 17th of July, however in many cases people preorder and can pick them up in advance!

First up, we have two 6-shadow eye palettes. They are the same setup as the holiday ones, so 6 square shadows, which the hardcore depotters are probably rejoicing over. The cover for the palette is a floral print which turns into a black and white MAC logo block thing-it’s a rectangle with the MAC logo, and it’s a repeating pattern (black box, white logo/white box, black logo). They will retail, I believe, for $35 each, although I have heard $38. The warm palette has Floral Inc., Sun Shy, Fresh Cut, Poppy Noir, Bloomcycle, and Part Peony. The cool palette has Social Climber, Botanical Blue, Straight Hedge, Wild Wisteria, Linear Lilac, and Graphic Garden. Judging by the looks, I think everyone will like at least one, if not both of the palettes. The finishes are great-the cool palette has three VP’s, a frost, a lustre, and a velvet, while the warm has two lustres, two VP’s, a frost, and a velvet.

Next up are the brush sets. My expectations are definitely low, because the most recent brush sets have been of a lower quality. These look great though-you get not only the floral-print bag, but a little brush bag as well. The Define/Blend has a 129, 190, 209, 219, and 252, while the Shape/Perfect has a 168, 187, 194, 212, and 275. It’s almost a good reason to get both, as I love the 209 and 219, but everyone loves a mini 187:) All the brushes are SE, or special edition, too. They will retail for $49.50, however they very rarely sell out and if you have a CCO nearby it’s better to wait and save the $15.

The lip bags are way cute-it’s a little floral-print cosmetic bag with two lipsticks and a Lipglass. The cap of the Lipglass has the same black/white logo pattern that adorns the palettes, and the lipsticks have it on the top of the outside bullet (2 or 3 layers) as well as the bottom of the cap. They will retail for $34.50, and both of them have generally neutral shades. From the looks of it, the lipglass IS full-sized. I can’t recall the shade names, however they are going to be good for the average consumer.

Finally, there are the Look Boxes, which is a concept designed to fit in not only value, but to get a coherent look. It’s almost something that I would put out at Christmas, as it is a reusable tin with the intended look on the top of the box. Each has two eyeshadows, a miniature Zoomlash, a face powder, a lip product, and a 181SE. To be clear, the 181SE is very scratchy, and I personally wouldn’t use it, as I have a 181. These are definitely about value, folks! The Sun Siren box has Bronze bronzer, Shroom and Amber Lights eyeshadows, and Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass (already a $68 value before the mascara or brush). The Seductress box has Belightful IPP, Naked Lunch and Knight Divine eyeshadows, and Bare Slimshine. The Sweet Tease box has Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, Gleam and Mulch eyeshadows, and Love Nectar Lustreglass. Each box is $59.50, and they are good if you have been wanting to get a couple items, if you are a swapper who always needs a few extra items, or if you want to get a Christmas present taken care of.

Sadly, there are no pigments or single items in this collection, however there are so many other collections that will be out that it’s not a huge loss! Stores will not have the items in for a few weeks still, however you can preorder items already.


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