FOTD: Downtown (3 June 09)

3 June, 2009

So I got Solar Riche bronzer today! Yay! This is a look I did going downtown with my mum, and the weather is hotter than Hades, I swear. Still nice though!


You need:
Eyes: Benefit BadGal Lash, Shell CCB, Solar White eyeshadow, Teal pigment, Bright Future eyeshadow, Aquavert eyeshadow, Fresh Green Mix MES, Aquadisiac eyeshadow, Reflects Blue glitter, UD Zero liner
Cheeks: Solar Riche bronzer
Lips: Love Alert Dazzleglass

Substitutions: Solar White=Nylon. Bright Future=Bright Sunshine, or Chrome Yellow+Nylon. Aquavert=Juxt.

Directions: After applying mascara, apply Shell CCB on the eyelid. Use a brush like a 226 and apply Teal in the crease, making sure to blend it well. Use a 217 or 252 to apply Solar White above the crease, making sure to blend so that the Teal isn’t so harsh. Use a brush of your choice to apply Bright Future to the inner third, Aquavert to the middle, and Fresh Green Mix (the mono side) to the outer third. Use a 219 to apply Aquadisiac as a lower liner and use the same brush to apply Reflects Blue on top of that, and line the waterline with Zero. Use a brush of your choice to apply Solar Riche along the cheekbones, on the nose, and on the tip of the chin, and finish with a coat of Love Alert.


Sorry that my face isn’t the greatest-I’m getting zits galore and one blackhead I tried to get out is well, being a PITA. The camera was being a PITA as well, I’m still trying to get used to it.


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