FOTD: Bait (Lure-Inspired)

27 May, 2009

Today’s look is inspired by the Bait facechart from Lure-which has a green-accented eye, a pink cheek, and a light lip. I did not have absolutely everything needed but I duped it pretty well with what I have! From the colour selection, Lure was definitely a collection I was not happy to have missed. I could gladly have the whole collection-except Sex Ray.

Original look:
Eyes: Zoomblack Zoomlash mascara, Sea Myth eyeshadow, Waternymph eyeshadow, Aquavert eyeshadow, Nightfish Fluidline
Cheek: Maidenchant Blushcreme
Lip: Pink Treat Cremestick liner, After-Tan TLC, Pink Clash lipglass

My version:
Eyes: Benefit BadGal Lash, Aquavert eyeshadow, Electric Eel eyeshadow, Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow, Gold Dusk pigment, Mood Ring eyeshadow, Delphic Fluidline
Cheek: Lune Blushcreme, Tippy blush
Lip: Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass


Substitutions: Aquavert=Swimming (not a good dupe). Gold Dusk=Vanilla (not a good dupe). Mood Ring=Shimmermoss (again, a bad dupe). Delphic=Waveline (not a dupe, rather an alternative). Lune=Belightful+Uncommon. Tippy=Pink Swoon. Pleasure Principle=Baby Sparks.

Directions: After applying BadGal lash, apply Crystal Avalanche to the area between the crease and the brow, as well as the middle of the eyelid. Use a brush of your choosing-I like my little Lancome brush that is like a 226-to apply Aquavert to the inner and outer thirds of the eyelid, and apply Electric Eel with a 217 over that. Apply another layer of Aquavert over the Electric Eel, and then use a 217 to lightly blend. Use a 219 to line the lower lid with a line of Mood Ring, and then use a 210 to line with Delphic, ending in a little swirl at the outer corner of the eye and extending a little bit out past the inner. Use a 226-style brush to apply Gold Dusk right under the brow, and the eyes are done! For the cheeks, apply Lune on the apple of the cheek and going back a bit right along the cheekbone-I used my fingers (shh) but you can use a 188, 192, or whatever. Then use a 109-style brush and dab Tippy on the apple of the cheek, and use a 181 to buff up and out. Finish off with two coats of Pleasure Principle on the lip and you are ready to party!






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