MAC Goodbyes (Updated 22 May 09)

20 May, 2009

According to the latest rumour I heard, over 200 SKU’s are going to be going over the next couple years. The PRO line is losing many products, and the current round of cuts to the regular line is quite significant. So be ready to stock up on these items: (I don’t include LE items in here)

Eyeshadows: Clarity, Newly Minted, Graphology, Flourishing, Symmetry (pro), Red Violet (pro)-also all pot-form eyeshadow at the PRO level.

Fluidline: Shade, Silverstroke, Blue Peep, Brassy, Frostlite (Blue Peep and Frostlite are PRO-however some counters may still have them)

Liquidlast: Dress Khaki, Classic Cream, Brassbeat, Electrolady, Greenplay, Inky, Auto-Orange

Eye Pencils: Lavender (pro), Light Green (pro only)

Technakohl: Antiquity

Pro Lash: Charcoal Brown

Pro Lash Colour: Platinum Plus (pro)Slimshine: Mousse, Ultra Elegant, Gaily, Think Tan, Voile, Missy, Grenadine, Rock Out

Lipmix: White Frost, Ochre, Gold, Tan, Yellow, Pink (all PRO-only)

Gloss: Demi-Red, Copper Walnut, Duo Rose, Honeybeige (all PRO-only)

Pro Longwear Lustre: Alta Moda, Lustrebloom

Lipglass: Nico

Lustreglass: Little VI

Plushglass: Cushy White, Plus Luxe

Lip Pencil: Quartz, BBQ

Cremestick Liner: Gingerroot, Raw Refined, Naked Rose, Cranapple, Creme Sherry, Sweet Brown, Honey B., Plum Royale, Plum Soft, Caramellow

Brushes: 272, 311

Powder Blush: Strada, House Wine (PRO), Dirty Plum (PRO)-also all pot-form blush at the PRO level.

Studio Stick Concealer: NC20, NC30, NC45, NW20, NW25, NW45

Full Coverage Foundation: W25, W55 (both PRO only)

All Studio Fix Pastels (PRO)

All Hyper Real Pressed (PRO)

All loose Beauty Powders (PRO)

Select Cover-Up: Colour Corrector Green (PRO)

CCB’s: Reel Red, Movie Star Red, Greensmoke, Orange, Red Clay, Brown, Rich Spice (all PRO)

Nail Lacquer: Abstract, Gee Whiz, Rocker

Other Items: Underlacquer, Shave, Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone

I will add more items to this list eventually, but there is a lot going.


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