Clinique GWP at Nordstrom!

20 May, 2009

It’s Half-Yearly time…which means it’s GWP time for Clinique! We’ve got a Trina Turk-designed bag again, but this time it is a bright floral print on white with yellow trim. It also has her favourites for a well-polished look, and it’s free with a $25 purchase!

Of course, you get the usual skincare trials-Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Take The Day Off makeup remover. You get a half-ounce, so 1/2 size, of Superfit makeup, although I do not know which shade. You also get an eye duo-specially, Colour Surge duo in Sunburst. It looks to be close to full size, albeit in the old slider-style packaging that I saw so many eyeshadows of my mum’s in. You can’t have a gift without mascara and lipstick-and you get the GWP Tenderheart lipstick (full size in cheap packaging) as well as a small size of Lash Doubling mascara. I have not tried that one, and I ironically find the GWP sizes to work better than the full ones. Finally, you get Rosy Blushwear Cream Stick-which is something that would be nice to have. It is a cream-to-powder form, and thankfully oil free. It’s a much smaller version but still a good way to try it out. All that, and the bag, for free when you spend $25.

What are my picks for what to buy though? I obviously am a huge fanatic of the Fresh Bloom allover colours. I have a mini of Peony, and I absolutely want a full size. They are $29.50, so you would be getting the gift with this. The best part is that it is a very low-shimmer, subtle powder that will give the face a glow-and it would be a good blush for a teenager. The eyeshadow quads are $25 exactly, and Plum Seduction is the obvious standout of the bunch. There is a set of four mini lip balms with an oh-so-cute case that is $25 as well, and the fun part about that? You can break it apart for gifts (it’s never too early to think about Christmas). And if you are looking for perfume, I like Happy Heart-a fun fruity-floral.


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