A Rose is A Rose Quad (Nordstrom Exclusive)

20 May, 2009

Every year, to coordinate with the early May colour collection, Nordstrom releases a special edition quad. This year, the quad came out…four weeks after the collection it was intended to go with launched, in fact launching with a collection that is the complete antithesis of that.

Anywhoo, the official title is A Rose is a Rose, and it has quite the interesting colour selection:
Solar White (frost, encore from Cool Heat)
Seeds of Love (frost)
Petal Worship (lustre)
Contrast (velvet, permanent)

Solar White: This was my favourite shade from the Cool Heat collection, and I am glad to see it back so soon! This is the second CH shadow to get an encore, after Climate Blue ended up in a Dame Edna trio. Anywhoo, this is an off-white with gold pearl and absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely got enough pearl to be used as a wash, but I use it as a highlight. The best way to describe it would be a bleached gold. I am glad this came in the quad as well, because I was almost out of my pot of Solar White (but at least that means I’ll have another B2M empty!). The closest shade to this from the permanent collection is Nylon.

Seeds of Love: This is a shade that under the lights of the counter looks like an amped-up Angelcake, but under my natural lighting it is very close to Paradisco. It is a frost, and a good one at that-I would say texture-wise it is very much like Goldmine or yes, Angelcake. I did a look on my mom and used this on the lid and she (53, sorta saggy eyelids) looked several years younger. If you are into simple makeup, this is a great colour-hell, a great quad.

Petal Worship: This is a lustre-which normally for a MACaholic like myself is a dirty word, like well, the ones you don’t say on television. However, it is a good lustre, like Aquadisiac-not a ton of fallout, very pigmented, and some shimmer (as opposed to others which are like throwing glitter at the eyes and hoping it sticks). Colour-wise, it is a lighter, pinker version of Creme de Violet, with silver shimmer instead of the gold. I have not done an eye test with this yet but I am hoping this has way better lasting power than CdV. Is it easily dupeable though? Not really. You’d need to mix several colours.

Contrast: This is a permanent shade and it’s a decent break from another matte or black. It’s a velvet shade that looks like an indigo, with a lowlevel pearl. I would mainly use this as a crease or liner shade, as I don’t do a ton of darks, but I’d also consider it for a smokey eye since I don’t tend to do the blacks and greys, rather differing shades of purple (nom nom nom).

My ranking for the quad? Easily a 5/5. This quad is a green eyed girl’s dream, with a light purple, a coral, and an indigo-it just makes the green pop like crazy. Contrast is very easily blendable and the two LE shades are pretty. If you like pretty shades, this is a must for you. However, I would say you can skip it if you hate quads, if you don’t do girly colours, and if you can’t see yourself wearing corals or lilacs and you have Contrast, Solar White, or both. The quad itself is $36-so cheaper than buying Pro Pans, and the way that the quad is set up it can be a linchpin piece to a collection-where you can very easily use it alone to create some looks, and you can very easily fit it into your collection.


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