5 Ways To Use Bright Future

19 May, 2009

So many people think that yellow eyeshadows don’t work for them, or that they’re too one-note…but in reality, yellow eyeshadows can be among the most versatile in a collection. Dress them up with other yellows and golds, do some contrasting colours-the opportunities are endless. So I’ve come up with 5 ways to use Bright Future, and then what I would use on the cheek and the lip.

Look 1: Go For The Gold
With this look, the idea is to get a gold eye with a bit of a kick-so you would use Bright Future as a wash on the lid, but you would gradually fade into a gold like the Gold metal pigment (from the pro line) or Urban Decay’s Honey on the outer portion of the eyelid. For a lower eyeliner, I would use a gold gel eyeliner if available, otherwise Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy liner, and wing it out a little bit for some visual appeal. For the cheeks, I would definitely stick to a bronzer instead with maybe a hint of pink on the apple of the cheek, and the lip I would do a sheer shimmery midtoned pink.

Look 2: Huskies!
This look was kind of inspired by the UW colours-purple and gold. While we are using yellow instead, it’s still what first came to mind. I did a wash of Bright Future all over the lid, and then I lower-lined with Urban Decay’s Zero eyeliner. I then used a brush like the 219 to sweep a line of Stars ‘n Rockets over that, and then bring it up a little past. A lot of people call it the “outer V” but I refuse to use that terminology, because I am better:) Sweep it up into the crease a little bit, and then use a purple pigment or shadow (I used Viz-a-Violet, however you can use Creme de Violet, Plum Dressing, Violet, or any purple of your choosing) to fill in the crease. I personally liked my result with Viz-a-Violet, as it sheered down very nicely, however a brighter result can work well too. The result? Yellow on the lid, an intense lower line, and a muted crease. As far as a blush, a pinky-plum will do wonders-I love On A Mission, however Lancome’s Cedar Rose would be a good one. I would do a squeeze-tube gloss for the lips, such as Lust is Lush or Jellybabe Lipgelees, as the lip should be high-gloss but not overly coloured or shimmery.Look 3: Sunset
This is probably one of the more obvious ones to me, as yellow is very good for sunset-inspired looks. You’d want to use a paint like Bare Canvas or Baselight as an all-over base, and then apply Bright Future to the inner third of the lid. In the middle, apply an orange like Urban Decay’s Jones. On the outer third, do a pink like MAC’s Fuschia pigment, or a red like Urban Decay’s Heat eyeshadow. Blend well, and then use a pink as a lower liner (Fuschia pigment works) and do a glitter over that-either a Reflects glitter, applied with a 219, or a glitter liner like Urban Decay’s Catfight. I would do a lighter pink on the cheeks, like Pink Swoon, as well as bronzer, and then I would use MAC’s Extra Amps Dazzleglass for a hint of colour as well as lots of glitter.

Look 4: Subtlety?
This one is a bit different-it’s more of a lip emphasis. Use a shadow like Crystal Avalanche all over the eyelid and up to the brow, with a thin line of Blacktrack fluidline winged out a little bit. Use a 214 or 219 to smudge a lower line of Bright Future under the lower lashes, and you’re done for the eyes. For the cheeks, keep it simple, maybe use a little bit of a gel blush (such as the Just A Pinch). The lips though-one coat of Girl About Town followed by one coat of Funtabulous topped with little dots of Love Alert.

Look 5: Metal Duel
Do you like metallics? Get ready for this. Use a nice, neutral shadow as a base (like Kid or Samoa Silk), and then use a 217 to apply a silver shadow or pigment (I like Silver Fog, but you can also use Knight Divine) on the inner third of the lid. Leave the middle blank, and then on the outer third, use a 239 and apply Bright Future, blending it in at the end. Then use a 212 and do Bright Future as a lower liner for the inner half, and blend it with your silver of choice, which will be the lower liner for the outer half. For the cheeks, use a peachier shade-I like Peachykeen. Then lightly pat on a coral on the lips, such as Vegas Volt. LIGHTLY pat it on though-press it against the lip for a second, then move it, and at the end rub lips together in order to get colour on the whole lip.

I’m sure other people may have better ways to use Bright Future, but until you find them (or if you don’t), here’s 5 different ways to do it.


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