Style Warriors Now Online!

15 May, 2009

Yes, almost a week in advance! There is no page for it yet (so no chance to get Eugenia as my desktop wallpaper), however if you go into the individual sections you can get it all there. Cool, eh?

The products:

Eyeshadow: These have an olive-bronze casing with a silver tribal design on the window.
Soft Force-Frosty pale white gold (Veluxe Pearl)
Bright Future-Frosty bright yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl)
Vibrant Grape-Bright magenta purple (Satin; permanent at PRO stores)
Tempting-Sinfully rich coco (Lustre; permanent)
Night Manuevers-Deep charcoal brown with pearl (Satin)Lipstick: These have the olive-bronze packaging with the silver tribal design on the base part of the bullet, and on the inner part that you turn there is either a leopard or zebra print.
Brave New Bronze-Creamy midtone nude pink (Satin, with leopard print)
Sunsational-Sheer frosted beige gold (Glaze?, with leopard print)
Purple Rite-Midtone frosty orchid (Frost, with zebra print)
Tribalist-Creamy blackened berry (Amplified Creme, with zebra print)

Lipglass: These have the silver tribal design on the tube, with the cap being either zebra or leopard print.
Liberated-Sheer yellow gold with multidimensional pearl (Frost, with leopard print)
Gold Rebel-Sheer copper bronze with multidimensional pearl (Frost, with leopard print)
Fierce & Fabulous-Bright magenta purple with multidimensional pearl (Frost, with zebra print)
Style Warrior-Blackened bronze-brown with multidimensional pearl (Frost, with zebra print)

Beauty Powder Blushes: These have the exact same sort of packaging as the eyeshadows do.
Eversun-Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl (Repromote from the original BPB launch)
On A Mission-Pearly midtone plum

Bronzing Powder: These have the olive-bronze casing with the top having one of the prints, topped with the tribal emblem.
Refined Golden-Finely spun gold with soft pearl finish (Zebra print)
Solar Riche-Midtone deep orange brown (Leopard print)

Iridescent Powder: A loose powder designed to give the skin a subtle highlight. It is a large container-50% more product than a loose Beauty Powder.
Golden Bronze-Golden brown with bronze shimmer (Permanent)

Solar Bits: These are clusters of very frosty pigment that are wetter than the traditional pigments, to create a very high-shine, almost foiled look.
Scatterrays-Soft metallic peach with gold pearl
Bronzescape-Clean yellow brown with gold pearl
Impassioned-Frosty cool taupe

Nail Polish:
Mercenary-Frosted blackened bronze (Frost)
Violet Fire-Bright creamy magenta purple (Frost)
Peaceable-Pearly pale golden beige (Frost)

Skinsheen: This is a gel-based bronzing spray for the legs and body. The best way to apply this is to spray some on and then buff it in with a 182 brush, or better yet, the 183 if you have it.
Medium Dark-Sheer soft brown with golden tan pearl
Dark-Golden bronze
Deep Dark-Deep warm bronze with gold pearl

Lustre Drops: These are little drops apparently inspired by Face & Body FX, and they are designed to be a sheer luminous bronzer for the face. I would mix them with moisturizer to get an all-over glow, and then maybe a little just dabbed on the high planes of the face.
Pink Rebel-Blue pink with gold pearl
Bronze Hero-Hot bronze with fine gold pearl
Sun Rush-Peachy bronze with gold pearl


The collection officially hits stores and counters on Thursday the 21st, however Nordstrom counters will get it on the 20th to coincide with the start of the big Half-Yearly Sale (because there is no such thing as a semi-annual sale). Some places may get it the 28th but as far as I know, most places will have it on the 21st at the latest.


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