More Style Warriors!

13 May, 2009

This is just a brief look at the products that I got from Style Warriors, and very nice, detailed opinions.

Bright Future: When I first heard the descriptions, I was told that this was Bright Sunshine, but more glowy and less frosty. Well, there are more differences than that-but the biggest one is that Bright Future is a bit more subdued. It isn’t as dark as Chrome Yellow, but it’s not like Going Bananas in the slightest. The finish is different. Bright Sunshine is unlabeled on the label, but it is a frost, and it’s very similar to a shadow like Pink Freeze when it comes to texture-definitely a bit tougher. It’s no Goldmine or Amber Lights, I can say that much. Creme de Violet would be a good comparison, or Crystal too. This is a Veluxe Pearl. While it does have some issues with the payoff-you need a couple layers to get it perfect with a fluffier brush-it is better and easier to use than Bright Sunshine. As far as which one is better? I honestly have to say that because of the rarity of colours like this, I would say that Bright Future wins by a nose, however I prefer the brightness of Bright Sunshine.Fierce & Fabulous: This looks to be a true violet in the tube-something that isn’t terribly wearable, although there is some pink to it. However, there are two things going for this: first, there is multidimensional pearl that gives this the shine and pizzazz of a Dazzleglass, albeit in a less-sticky formula. It could be good for somebody who wants a dark version of Funtabulous. Apparently the Lipglasses have been reformulated, and I can definitely feel it-it’s way less sticky. The second thing is that it veers towards being more sheer. The sheerness does make it more wearable, and it could work well over a lipstick or as a base for a Dazzleglass. Colourwise it is similar, but not exactly like, to Magnetique. At many stores it (Magnetique) has already sold out, so this may be a good alternative, albeit less pigmented.

On A Mission: Do NOT be deterred by the fact that this is a plum. This is a very low-shimmer blush, but it is a Beauty Powder blush, so you’re going to get sheerer, more buildable coverage. Tippy (the only other BPB I own) is definitely brighter, but still quite sheer nonetheless. This is a very natural colour though. Think a plummy bronze-so it gives the cheeks a very nice sheen. Plummy colours are very common for a blush, and for good reason: it’s not as crazy as a pink or a red, but at the same time it’s not a brown, peach, or bronze. It is going to be a great summer blush for all the reasons I listed-it won’t clash with the bronzers that I inevitably will be using. Sorry this isn’t a greater description-blushes are a lot harder to do since now I have I think 7.

So there you have it: my reviews. If all goes well I will have a review of the Rose Romance quad by this time next week, if that is indeed when the Nordstrom sale starts.


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