MAC Style Warriors Review

13 May, 2009

Unfortunately, I did miss a few things, and I do not have any swatches because my camera was not working in the light. However-I went and I saw!

Overall, this is a collection that is very worth checking out. It’s not just chock-full of warms like a lot of people may think, although the emphasis is clearly on bronzing. This used to be a 3-part collection, but they aren’t doing a separate skincare one. Wise move.

The colour collection itself definitely covers a lot of bases. Many of the nail polishes as of late have been selling out-Love & Friendship, Peppermint Patti, Something About Pink, to name a few, and at least one or two of these will go fast as well. The eyeshadows are, for the most part, ones that will fit into one’s collection. The blushes are nice to have as well, and while I didn’t like the lipsticks as much the lipglasses are all nice, pigmented, and have multidimensional pearl. They’ve really been upping it in the lipglass department, I have to say.The bronzing one, on the other hand, is quite interesting. You have your bronzing powders, which I would definitely go for in Solar Riche. You have the Skinsheens, which all of the MA’s were fawning over. It’s a body bronzer that you buff in to fake a tan, mainly for the legs, but can be used anywhere. I have plenty of body bronzers already, but these are going to be very big. Finally, you have Lustre Drops. These are very pigmented colour drops that would be amazing mixed with a lotion or moisturizer to give the skin an all over sheen. While I did not pick these up, I will definitely shortlist all of these if I happen to get any more money. They will work for most skin tones, as they are very easy to sheer down.

As far as specific reviews go?
Soft Force-Colourwise, this is Rose Blanc meets Solar White, with a lot of sparkle. I am not convinced this is a Veluxe Pearl as it was really chunky.
Bright Future-This is one of the standouts, as it’s Bright Sunshine but the only way it could be better-a Veluxe Pearl. When I swatched it, there were some issues with it, as do many of the yellows, but this looks to be a smidge lighter than Bright Sunshine.
Vibrant Grape-Texturewise, this is close to Electric Eel-a totally insane satin. I am going to get this one eventually, as it is a gorgeous purple. If you like brights, purples, or shadows that veer towards matte, this is a must-have.
Night Manuevers-This isn’t the most necessary shadow to have. It is a dark brown satin, however there are a lot of those, as well as mattes and Matte2’s (even though most Matte2’s are going buh-bye). The texture on this? Not so great.

I didn’t review Tempting as it is a part of the permanent line.

Gold Rebel-This is gorgeous, it’s a definite peachy-gold with multidimensional pearl. While I have a few peachy glosses that I never reach for, I could see this joining my collection eventually.
Liberated-The nice thing about this is that it is sheer. It is a bit more gold/yellow than Goldyrocks, which under some angles looks a bit green almost, but not like Spring Bean Lustreglass. It also has the multidimensional pearl which makes it even more fun. Give this one a try, you may like it.
Fierce & Fabulous-Boy, do I love this. Colourwise, it’s pinker than Magnetique, as well as more sheer, but it has the multidimensional pearl (seeing a pattern here?) that makes it similar to Funtabulous Dazzleglass. The pearl is more subtle (it’s not as packed with glitter) and well, this is what I wish Sex Ray could have been.
Style Warrior-This looks way dark-a bronze-y brown with yes, the pearl. I couldn’t wear this, and I am warmer, however this is a good WOC colour.

I did not get a chance to review the lipsticks, however Purple Rite is definitely a purple for us warmer folks. While the lilacs of the spring were not so friendly to us, this is different. Sunsational is a nice, everyday peachy-gold as well. I also did not fully review the Solar Bits because they were constantly being used. As far as the blushes go, they’re Beauty Powder blushes, so they are going to be a bit sheerer, and they don’t have overwhelming shimmer. Eversun is definitely on the bronzier side, and it is a repromote, while On A Mission has some plum to it. I haven’t put it on my bare face yet, but that’s for tomorrow!

I didn’t see the polishes much either, as it was insanity at the event, but when I go to pick up my Rose Romance quad I will try and do a full review and get some swatches. The packaging itself is an olive-bronze for the shadows and blushes, plus the Lustre Drops caps and the base of the bronzer clamshells. The lipstick bullet is that colour. The lipsticks have an animal print-either zebra or leopard-on the inner portion, and the caps on the Lipglasses are the same, as is an interior circle on the bronzer cases.

The other thing is a silver diamond pattern-definitely a tribal pattern of sorts-on the eyeshadow and blush windows, on the bottom of the lipstick bullet, on the Lipglass tube, and on the animal-print circle on the bronzer case. The animal prints are on the boxes as well, which makes me want to get them all:)

Oh yeah, I picked up On A Mission, Fierce & Fabulous, and Bright Future-the latter because a) I love yellows, and b) I just hit pan on Bright Sunshine last week.


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