REVIEW: You Say Tomato Mattene

8 May, 2009

I happened to pick this guy up on my fail known as visiting the CCO today, and here are my thoughts!

Overall, this is a must for any red lipstick lover. This is a limited-edition formula from a while back, which is a creamy matte. It’s not like the AC’s, which are definitely creamier and have a bit of a shine to them, and it’s not like the satins-but it won’t dry your lips out like a matte would.

The colour itself can be described as a orange-y red. Thus, it will NOT work for everybody, especially if you just rub it on your lips. This is also a lipstick where a lipliner is a very good thing to have-even if it’s just one like UD’s Ozone-because it can potentially move around a bit. The best way to apply it is to just tap it on the lips and rub your lips together-it gives them a lot of colour with no shine, so it looks VERY retro, almost like a stain.

This isn’t necessarily a longwear, but it does last quite some time especially if you pat it on. The colour is not going to be to everybody’s liking, like I said earlier, as it is very orange-y but still red. I would say it’s the next progression towards red from Vegas Volt in the orange-to-red colour spectrum.

Price and packaging wise, it’s great. While you get way less product than with a conventional lipstick, I like the packaging a lot more as it’s a non-shiny black slimline tube, so perfect for fitting in my makeup bag. It’s not priced too much higher than a normal lipstick, maybe 50 cents at most.

The sad part? Mattenes were limited-edition, and have only come in one collection since the original release. However you can find them at the CCO’s. I would rate this a solid 4.5/5, and this is coming from a matte hater. I will be getting more of these, mark my words.


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