Inspired By Style Warriors, Part 1

7 May, 2009

This is something that I felt I just HAD to do in anticipation of Style Warriors-it’s one of my more complex looks to date because there are defined lines. It doesn’t translate THAT well into pictures though. The lip and cheek colours totally did NOT show up though, but the lips are absolutely insane-glitter on top of glitter. What I will do is put down what Style Warriors products would be used in the product listing itself, and then still do dupes to make it very easy if you aren’t looking to spend a ton (like me, ha). More than likely, I will be wearing this look or a variation of it for the event that I am attending on Tuesday.


You need:
Eyes: UD Zero eyeliner, Bright Sunshine eyeshadow (Bright Future), Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow (Vibrant Grape), Amber Lights eyeshadow (Night Manuevers), Solar White eyeshadow (Soft Force), Golden Lemon pigment, Fuschia pigment
Cheeks: Spaced Out blush (Eversun), So Ceylon MSF
Lips: Extra Amps Dazzleglass, Funtabulous Dazzleglass (Fierce & Fabulous)

Substitutions: Solar White=Nylon. Spaced Out=Peachykeen. So Ceylon=Gold Deposit, lightly applied.

Directions: Using a thin piece of thread as a guide, do a diagonal line from the inner corner up to the brow. On the outside of the line, start applying Bright Suinshine with a 231, and do a line about a half-inch thick up to the brow. Take the 231 in Stars ‘n Rockets and do another half inch or so. With a 231 or 219, apply Amber Lights from the corner of the eye to the end of the brow, and fill in between there and the end of the Stars ‘n Rockets. Take a small brush like a 219 or 226 and apply Solar White in the very inner part that is not covered by Bright Sunshine. Then take your 231 and apply a little patch of Stars ‘n Rockets below the eye, about a centimeter by centimeter, with it lining up in the opposite direction of the top line (so they both are going outwards). Use your 219 to apply a thin line of Amber Lights right at the outer edge of that, and then from the end of that to the outer corner use the 231 to apply Fuschia pigment, a little longer than the Amber Lights. Use the 219 to apply Golden Lemon from the inner corner to where Stars ‘n Rockets begins, and slope it down. Any fallout is okay, just blend it down. Line the waterline with Zero, and you are done with the eyes.

For the cheeks, just lightly sweep some of your favourite bronze-y blush on the cheekbones, and buff So Ceylon all over the face.. Finish with a coat of Extra Amps and top with Funtabulous, to give the purple look.



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