REVIEW: Sephora Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss

6 May, 2009

Yesterday, I got the little birthday trio freebie of the Sephora glosses. While I’m not a huge squeeze-tube gloss fan, it’s free stuff, right? Figure I’d give these a try, but I didn’t have my hopes too high.

Boy, was I ever wrong! These glosses-at least in the shades I got-are amazing. The formula is delightfully non-sticky, the gloss itself kind of has a Dr. Pepper/cherry cola sort of fragrance, and the pigmentation is pretty doggone good for a squeeze-tube gloss.

The three shades that I got were Precious Pink, Rosy Glow, and Bronzed Beauty. Precious Pink is a very pale pink with pink and gold pearl, and it’s a very good universal shade that anyone can wear. Rosy Glow is a more midtoned pink with some gold pearl, and it’s definitely the girliest shade of the three. Right now actually I am wearing Bronzed Beauty, which has enough red to it to make it wearable.  On the lips it has a hint of the bronze but due to the formulation and the redness, it is very pretty, and the perfect summer shade.The main gripe I have about many squeeze-tube glosses is that they are extremely sticky. I’ve used the Beauty Rush, the CO Bigelow, the Liplicious-and they all suck compared to these. Well, not all of them-but they are extremely sticky, and most of them aren’t exactly the most pigmented things ever. These aren’t either, but at least there is something. It also helps that they lack flavour, so I’m not always licking them off.

There are 29 shades total, and don’t worry, not all of them have shimmer, so if you just like a hint of gloss they are definitely your thing. I would also consider coming to these if you were into MAC’s Lipgelees but your favourites were discontinued. They are $10 each, so actually cheaper than many squeeze-tubes out there. At that price, they are the perfect gift.


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