The Beach Makeup Experiment: Part 3

1 May, 2009

One of my projects lately has been to discover how exactly to do a good makeup look for the beach that not only doesn’t look terribly gauche, but holds up and looks very close to perfect after a couple hours of tanning. The first time, I tried a MAC Cream Colour Base, and while it is good for everyday and costumes, it just didn’t hold up to the heat. The second time, I tried a MAC Paint, and it worked, but still not how I wanted.

This time, I tried my look using Urban Decay’s Primer Potion as a base. Regardless of what people have to say about it and the notoriously wasteful packaging, it is a good product that works. I have used it for costume looks before, because it does pick up the pigment or glitter and keep it there. It’s very good also if I want to do glitters. I figured that because it is thicker, it may end up working a lot better.

Today, the products I started out with:
Eyes: Lancome Definicils Pro, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Lancome Filigree shadow, Play on Plums MES, Star Violet shadow, Pinkcraft Liquidlast
Cheeks: Pretty Baby Beauty Powder
Lips: Port Red lipstick

Directions: After applying mascara, apply UDPP from the lash to the brow, and apply Filigree from the crease to the brow. Apply the lighter side of Play on Plums on the lid, and blend the darker side into the crease and outer third. Add in a little bit of Star Violet in the crease, blend well, and finish the eye with a thin line of Pinkcraft under the lower lashes. Apply a little Port Red on the lips, and buff Pretty Baby all over the face, and you are good to go.

Results: This actually held up very close to perfectly. I was at the beach for two hours and nothing budged. The only thing that happened, as is natural, was the lipstick faded a bit, but that is to be expected especially because it is a frosty red. When it comes to the eyes though, everything stayed put exactly as it was, except for the crease-I had to add a tiny bit more colour in there, but otherwise, I left with my makeup looking exactly the same. UDPP can dry quickly, however it stays put, and I bet that it would have stayed on even if I had gone swimming. Play on Plums is a very good one to use as it can pass as a neutral with a bit of a kick, so that I don’t look like I’m not wearing makeup. People who say you need to wear makeup that makes you look like you aren’t wearing any…kind of irk me. Makeup is meant to be fun.

I did end up adding some more stuff as I left the beach, which are the following:
Eyes: Urban Decay Electric liner (as a top liner)
Cheeks: Tippy BP blush, Love Rock MB duo, Northern Light MSF
Lips: Cult of Cherry lipglass

And just to make it interesting, I went for a mile run/walk-in the 75 degree heat that we had today-and for the most part it stayed put completely. The lips? Not so much. But even while my forehead is extremely damp, the rest of the makeup stays the same.

So bottom line? UDPP is an epic WIN when it comes to dealing with heat.


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