Review: Sea/Sky, Fresh Green Mix, Play on Plums

27 April, 2009

This is going to sound like the most irrelevant review EVER, however I just got Play on Plums in a swap and figured it would be a good time to review these three Electroflash shadows (yes, almost a year later).

Let’s start out with the newest one, Play on Plums. In the pot, the melange side looks to be a kind of peachy-plum mixture, although mine had some use already so the veining was a little more muddled. It is very pretty though! The mono side is a browner version of Star Violet. If you already have Star Violet and rarely ever use purples…this is very, VERY easily skippable. Star Violet is indeed a lot more purple, especially when you swatch them side-by-side…it makes PoP look very brown.

The payoff on this one is not the greatest. You WILL have to use a base with this one, no matter what, in order to really bring out the colour. But when you do, HOLY HELL. It is absolutely amazing. On the converse, if you just want a sheer wash of colour you can always use it without the base, but it is way, WAY better with the base. I would give it a 7/10 because it is pretty but it’s nothing revolutionary.Sea/Sky is next, and it is gorgeous in the pot. The melange side is a mix of several different blues, while the mono is a true royal blue. It is also on the glittery side. This is a good one to have if you are into blues or bright colours, as MAC does not do anything like this in the permanent line, and the closest PRO colour, Atlantic Blue, is a matte. You could get close with pigments…that are in the PRO line. So this, colourwise, is fairly unique. It is also coming back out on the 30th, as all the Mineralized eyeshadows get switched out and instead of the Antiquitease ones we get 6 Electroflash ones.

The payoff on this one, again, is not that great. It is indeed better than Play on Plums, but it doesn’t apply the most smoothly and you have a decent amount of glitter. With a base though, it gets insane. The mono side, I have found, does not apply true to colour without a base but I tend to use Shell CCB, and with it the colour just soaks in, and I get a true royal blue if there ever was one. The melange side though…still kind of blah. Think faded jeans. It’s just not all that special, is what I am trying to say. Don’t let that deter you though! I give this one an 8.25 out of 10 due to a crappy melange side and less-than-smooth application without a base, however the mono side could be a 10 on its own.

Finally there is Fresh Green Mix, which is unique, at least as I know it. The melanged side has the same green as the mono, plus an olive and touches of a darker, hunter green-it looks gorgeous in the pot, but I don’t need as much, because the mono is a bright green. It’s a bit toned down from a green like Bitter, but this has a lot lower shimmer than Bitter. They are definitely colours that don’t come around terribly often, and if they do, the finishes tend to not be so great.

The payoff is the best of the three, bar none. It applies very smoothly, although that could be perception since it is frostier and lighter, and it’s easier to forgive imperfections that way. The mono side is a bit more olive, while the green is well, green. With a base, it gets even better. The melange side would be a good one for a simple eye, while the mono is a necessity for a brights fanatic like me. It gets a solid 9.5/10, not being totally perfect because I’m not a fan of the melange in general.

And now, swatches! The shadows are all applied with a 231 brush. The ones on the left are over Shell CCB, the ones on the right are without a base. The bottom row has Star Violet as the middle swatch, for comparison. Sorry about the quality…my camera stinks.



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