FOTD: Sunday’s Finest

26 April, 2009

So today’s look was just a random smattering of stuff, I have to admit. I am not terribly creative, but I saw a bunch of stuff just sitting around and I threw it on before church. I have to say, I was quite impressed. It’s very easy as well.


You need:
Eyes: Lancome Cils Booster, VS High Definition mascara, Solar White eyeshadow, Canton Candy paint, UD Jones eyeshadow, Goldmine eyeshadow, Aquavert eyeshadow, Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow, Delphic Fluidline
Cheeks: Tippy blush
Lips: Orangedescence lipglass, Utterly Posh Dazzleglass

Substitutions: Solar White=Nylon. Canton Candy=no dupe. Aquavert=no dupe. Delphic=no dupe. Tippy=Gleeful. Orangedescence=Underage. Utterly Posh=Bare Necessity.sdc10250sdc10248

Directions: After prepping the lashes and applying mascara, use a concealer brush to apply Canton Candy all over the eyelid, and then using any brush you want gently pat Jones on top of the Paint. Sweep Solar White in above the crease, and blend Goldmine into the crease. Use a fluff brush to apply Aquavert on the outer third, and apply Delphic as a top liner with a 210. Finally, use a 212 in Stars ‘n Rockets for a lower liner. Sweep a little bit of Tippy on the apples of the cheek, and finish with a coat of Orangedescence topped with Utterly Posh.

This is actually a very toned-down look, but to done it down even more, don’t do a top liner. Otherwise this is good to go for a nice, safe look. The cheek is not a focal point, just done nicely for a hint of flush, and the lip is fairly neutral but with a bit of a kick to it. If you want to go crazier, I would do Vegas Volt and then Orangedescence, as well as a Reflects glitter in the crease (Antiqued Gold would be the best for this look).


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