MAC Brush Duel: 209 vs. 210 vs. 212

25 April, 2009

Because I have been doing a lot more liner looks lately, I figured it would be good for me to think about which is the best one for doing liners, dependent on the product. Is it necessary to have all three of these? Dependent on what you use, maybe or maybe not. I am glad I do, because each serves their own purpose.

First, the 209. It is a pen-tip eyeliner brush that is really good for Fluidlines, as you can create a quick and easy winged look. It is definitely fine, so you can get a nice, precise line, but at the same time it’s also good for detail work and it’s easy to do a dramatic line with this.

Next, the 210. It’s a very thin pen-tip liner brush, and the one thing besides the size I notice is that it’s less firm than the 209. The 209, at least in SE form, has a nice firmness to it which allows me to do a powder line. With this, I save this solely for liquid or gel-form liners, as the flexibility allows me to really work well with it and line both top and bottom. You get more of a fine, precise line with this one.

Finally there’s the 212-a flat-tip eyeliner brush. I had no idea what it was for at first, however I like to do a glitter as a lower liner, and because of the super-dense packing of the bristles, it picks up the glitter effectively and transfers it to where I need it to go. It is good in general for a lower liner, especially for me, as I have long lower lashes. With pigments, it is great as well.

So which of these is the best to have? In most cases, you don’t need to have the 209 AND 210. If you like doing liners, it is great to have them all, however I find the 210 to give a lot nicer of a line, to be more versatile, and it’s the same price as well. The 212 is hit or miss. A lot of people like a slanted liner brush for the lower, but with my lashes I prefer the density from the 212. The 210 wins out though only because I am a fan of a more subtle line for a bit of pop, as it’s a lot easier to do and if it’s a bit jagged, it won’t show as much (at least with Delphic).

But all three are definitely worth owning:)


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