Thursday’s Hauling

23 April, 2009

Well, even though I have next to nothing, I was still able to miraculously haul!

First, I went to Nordie’s to check out Rose Romance-and I ended up with nothing from that. I had planned on getting the Rose Romance lipstick, but then the Dazzleglasses called me and I ended up with Utterly Posh. It is a gorgeous terracotta colour, think a browned orange, but still orange. It is limited edition which is why I got it, and I am glad I did especially since all my other Dazzleglasses are at least half empty, some with maybe 15% left.

Then I went to Sephora-and as soon as I walked in, I was handed a bingo card and then a choice of perfume samples. What they were doing was a thing where if you fill out three squares on the card, you would get it entered into a drawing for a gift bag, and you would get a free goody bag. The 9 squares were:

-Get a lesson on a brush technique from one of the artists
-Learn about the right bronzer for you
-Get a Clarisonic demo
-Try a daring new eye colour (I tried MUFE #75, which is pure gorgeousness-a matte electric pink)
-Get a brow consultation
-Get tested to figure out your skin type
-Try a tubing mascara
-Try a new perfume (“new to me”-Givenchy Hot Couture)
-Try a new lip colour for spring (I used MUFE #2 and #4, and topped with UD’s James Pocket Rocket)

As far as what I used, Hot Couture is pure sex. It’s a sensual fragrance without patchouli, and it has enough florals and fruits to satisfy me. I also tried the new Ed Hardy one-Love and Luck-and it’s very interesting because it does have the patchouli but it also has coconut and vanilla so it’s almost like a tropical fragrance with musk. MUFE 75 is a shadow that I have not seen an equal for-it is a BRIGHT pink but it could easily be sheered down. It is matte but it works well in my crease. As for the glosses, the MUFE ones are nice. They are squeeze-tube, but not sticky. The Pocket Rocket glosses though stink because of the fact that when you rub them, pheromones are released. I do not, however, have a good opinion-they’re all relatively sheer, and I couldn’t try them that well when they applied with a disposable sponge-tip applicator.

My goody bag? I got promotional sizes of Benefit’s BadGal Lash, Strivectin, and a Clarins SPF 40 facial sunscreen, as well as a DKNY perfume sample for men. I will try them, and then post my results.


2 Responses to “Thursday’s Hauling”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Woah! Hey your sephora sounds awesome! which one is it? never heard of an event like that… =/ usually the sephora’s i go to have events were artists do your makeup and try and get you to purchase stuff…. weird. Anyway, hope to find out which sephora it is! =) thanks

    • codekiki Says:

      This was the Downtown Seattle one. Yes, there are occasionally events-one time I happened to stumble upon a Benefit event last spring, but Downtown Seattle tends to have a lot more of the events as compared to U-Village (tiny store) and Alderwood.

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