Save More Money on Beauty

22 April, 2009

So I am definitely the kind of beauty freak who is notoriously cheap, yet won’t use cheap stuff. Part of it is ethical reasons, because I am very opposed to animal testing. Part of it is the quality, I find, is a lot better.

So how do you save money if you are like me, or crazier than me? Here’s a few ways how.

If you get a manicure, definitely shop around. A lot of places are doing “Happy Hour” or “Happy Day” specials, where you can save money off the prices. Some places for a basic manicure (not acrylics) are as low as $9. If you aren’t one to really spend money on a service for your nails, the ultimate way to save is to do them yourself. You can get OPI and Essie polishes at ULTA, with some drugstores even carrying OPI (my local Fred Meyer carries them), many times on sale-either B1G1 50% off, or B2G1 free. Revlon polishes, from my history, have been good to me as well, so if you are looking to save even more money that’s a big plus. As far as colours to get, if you are just into basics I recommend a very nice sandy-champagne, and then a frosty red. A nice universal shade is OPI’s It’s All Greek To Me.

Of course the easiest way to go cheap would be to go without, or just use stuff found at Wal-Mart or drugstores. However many of the brands found there are of inferior quality, and many test on animals-a big no-no. However, there are a few gems in that bunch. Revlon, while not known for their fun, bright colours, has been around for decades and still churns out many quality products. Their Super Lustrous lipglosses are amazing. Physician’s Formula has some really neat packaging and some great products as well. They are at the upper end of the drugstore pricing chain however they are still relatively inexpensive. They have a new line of naturals, which I have not checked out, and then there’s Almay. Their products are definitely more for the everywoman, as one of their biggest things was the makeup to go with your eye colour. There are also the naturals, which I spoke about awhile back.NYX is a brand that many MAC lovers like as a cheaper alternative, but I don’t have it readily available so I cannot comment. Also Ben Nye has many products cheaper than prestige brands. The catch is that they are a theatrical makeup company so it’s not going to be as easy to find the basics, but I am in love with their Aqua Glitter-I have used it to create masks for special events.

If you get your hair coloured, the easiest way to go would be to either go to a value salon and get colour done, or to do it yourself. However, you will find that many salons do a free haircut with chemical treatment, and if you aren’t tied to a particular salon this may be a very good way to go. Another way is to go to beauty schools where haircuts will rarely run you more than $20 (depending on the school; if it’s a big-name school expect to pay a bit more). Here in Seattle, there is one that does free cuts for their advanced training class. They are specific styles, however you just can’t beat free. They also occasionally do colour, although it usually is grey coverage or a specific colour.

When it comes to products, you don’t tend to need a ton of stylers, however ULTA has been running a LOT of promotions lately for hair products. I’m a big fan of Paul Mitchell and Sexy Hair because they won’t break the bank and they don’t animal test-and the product range is insane. Also many places will have specials on liters of shampoo and conditioner or liter duos, so it’s definitely something that is worth the hunt.

Yes, I admittedly still do use BBW products, mainly due to having so many of them. And the reality is, you can very easily get some good deals when they do their big sales in January and June. If you can get a bottle of shower gel for $3 or a clearance lotion for cheap, spending $100 or so is very feasible to get you stuff to last you through the year. However, there are cheaper ways to go about it. You can very feasibly make much of your own stuff as there are recipes out there, and you can also go to craft fairs and farmers markets as they will tend to have at least one booth that will sell homemade stuff.

For all of the things I suggested, check for sales and coupons galore. I post the ULTA ads, or at least the noteworthy stuff, when they arrive at my door, and for many of the cheaper brands you can find coupons in the Sunday newspaper.

This is not an exhaustive list of how to save some moolah, but it is a start. Have fun getting pretty!


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