Express Clearance Sale: NOW!

22 April, 2009

Yep, it’s that time of the year again-Express is having one of their quarterly clearance sales.. I personally hold out for the 40% off redlines because I am cheap when it comes to my clothes, and I’d rather pay clearance prices for higher quality items than get items that are regularly priced that at teen traps. The funny thing is? Some of these items have been kicking around for months thanks to the crappy economy, and I own many of them. What are some of my picks when it comes to must-haves?

Lace Ruffle Tube Dress: Originally $88, now $30
The nice thing about this dress is the length, and the lace. You can very easily dress it up for say, a nice brunch or lunch, or you can wear it out to the nightclubs. I personally do not own it yet, but if I find one in my size I may just have to beg for the money to get it.

Modern Stretch Miniskirt: Originally $69.50, now $25
Okay, I admit, when I got my two (the grey and the blue houndstooth ones), I paid less than that-but these are nice skirts! On me, they sit right below the bellybutton which is good for me as long as it is a bit flared. The button detail is quite nice and it draws positive attention to the waist, while the inverted pleat in the front is nice for some shape. There are pockets as well, the downside of which being that I tend to forget putting stuff in those pockets, but still nice to have nonetheless. It is technically a miniskirt, but on me it comes just above the knee.Plaid Jacket: Originally $168, now $30
I have this in both colours, and it is seriously such an amazing jacket I would consider getting duplicates of it. It is amazing with a pair of skinny jeans and a scarf to dress it up (tres francais, non?), or worn over a minidress to give it a bit of edge. It’s also amazing in cold weather, as I wore it over a tee when I went to the Obama inaguration (which entailed waiting outside for over a half hour in barely-above-freezing temps) and I didn’t feel cold. Of course, that doesn’t serve well as we are going into summer, but my point is that this is a great jacket to have.

Garland Boucle Jacket: Originally $118, now $30
Another one of the jackets I got, this is a very interesting one because it plays with proportions. It’s a bit cropped, so it is great over a long shirt. It has dropped, wide, cropped sleeves, so it isn’t suited for colder weather but in conditions that are a bit warmer, it’s nice. Finally it is a funnel neck when fully zipped and snapped-and it goes up high, for a warming and chic look. I prefer to wear it open though, with a tank top or a tee and shorts-it gives the outfit a bit of an edge without going all-out. There is also a matching miniskirt, and I do admittedly want it, but I almost think wearing these two together could look a bit…gauche.

Check the website daily though, as they’re always adding new items. If you see the fit/flare dress in the black, it may be a good investment. As much as I wanted to put the dress with paillettes on here, it was only in one size, and you’ll wear it maybe one day a year-so not as much a good idea.


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