The Beach Makeup Experiment: Part 2

21 April, 2009

Well today it was off to try some different stuff to see how it held up at the beach. After yesterday’s debaucle, I was definitely left with some very low expectations.

What I used:
Eyes: Canton Candy Paint, Rose Blanc eyeshadow, Pink Freeze eyeshadow, Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow, UD Power Ballad gel, UD Lust liner, UD Metalhead glitter liner
Lips: Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass

Results:Way better than yesterday. Paints are thinner than say, a Cream Colour Base, and once these dry, they set. It’s very easy to blend with these and the colour does last. I did a coat of Canton Candy over the whole lid with Pink Freeze over that, and then Stars ‘n Rockets on the outer corner, Rose Blanc as a highlight, and Power Ballad in the crease. Power Ballad is tough to work with as it is a gel-form glitter shadow and because this one is clear, I want to use it over some of my things, but I never get the chance to.

Anywhoo, Stars ‘n Rockets didn’t really hold up, although Pink Freeze is still going strong. Rose Blanc looks fairly decent still, and the glitter stayed put. I may put the glitter gel to water-testing as soon as the swim platform at the beach opens up.

As for the liner? It is not perfect however there is still a hint there of what once was. With a liner like the UD ones, it may help to set it with something if you are going to be in heat. The glitter liner definitely helped to set it, but I recommend using a sort of set powder if you are going to be in any heat.

I didn’t use anything for the cheeks, as I kinda forgot to-yes, even sunscreen. My nose is quite burnt right now. As far as the lips went, I didn’t really touch up and didn’t really care. The point? MAC’s Paints are a great shadow base to use when in hot conditions for extended periods of time.


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