The Beach Makeup Experiment: Part 1

21 April, 2009

So I am a huge fanatic of going to the beach and tanning-but being a makeup addict, I feel I would be compromising my integrity to leave the house without makeup, even if I am going to be laying out. So what do I do? I’m testing a few looks, and letting you know how they worked!

Look 1
Eyes: Lancome Cils Booster, VS High Definition mascara, Shell CCB, Rose Blanc eyeshadow Bright Sunshine eyeshadow, Fresh Green Mix shadow, UD Jones eyeshadow, Playful eyeshadow (later Love Rock blush), Electric Eel shadow (as lower liner)
Cheeks: None until I left.
Lips: Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass, Ms. Fizz Dazzleglass, Date Night Dazzleglass.

I did not do anything with my cheeks because yes, I do put tanning oil on my face at the beach-but it has not broken me out, so it works out. I also put on an SPF 30 sunscreen before hitting the beach, actually before leaving the house. Anyways, after laying out for an hour, the liner (Electric Eel) has faded, the eye colour is completely gone save for a little bit of yellow, and mascara has completely flaked off. I had to completely redo my makeup down at the beach, even though I had used a base beforehand-so the moral of the story? Don’t use Shell for really hot weather looks. It can last and last and last but if you’re tanning, it’s crap. I would either go baseless, or use UDPP, provided I can find my tube of it since I never can find it.

I ended up using UD’s Zero liner as a lower liner and it may have just been my crappy application but it creeped down my cheeks. Definitely NOT using Zero for that. For the cheeks, I buffed Smashbox Soft Lights all over the face, which is a nice, light-shimmer highlight. I did Alpha Girl on the cheeks and then Love Rock as a blush and it actually looked nice, but I definitely am going to dig up a bronzer for tomorrow-or just use Northern Light.

The lipgloss definitely lasts unless you are eating Jelly Bellys and drinking Vitamin Water, which is exactly what I did that had it all go away. The combination of those three colours though was a really nice one because it wasn’t heavy on the colour but at the same time, had some pop-and the glitter in the sunlight is absolutely awesome.

Tomorrow I am trying another sort of look to see how it holds up to 2-3 hours of tanning in 70-degree weather. This is Seattle, we tend to have some warmer spring days after all!


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