MAC A Rose Romance Now Online!

21 April, 2009

It’s here folks-and I will hopefully go to see it on Thursday, so I will give you a review then. Until then, however, here is colour collection info!

Eyeshadow (Retail $14.50)
Et Tu, Bouquet?-Frosted pale pink-gold (frost)
Of Summer-Frosted light dirty mauve (satin)
Silverthorn-Midtone grey with silver pearl (frost)
Creme de Violet-Pink-violet with gold pearl (frost, permanent)
Shadowy Lady-Blackened plum (matte, permanent)

Pigment (Retail $19.50)
Mutiny-Frosty clean sky blue with gold pearl (frost-repromote Naughty Nauticals)
Circa Plum-Frosty dirty midtone lavender (frost-repromote Colour Forms)Lipstick (Retail $14)
Way to Love-Creamy light yellow-pink (Lustre)
A Rose Romance-Midtone pink with gold pearl (frost?)
Odyssey-Spiked-up plum (frost, permanent)

Lipglass (Retail $14)
Magnetique-Frosted violet fuschia (frost, repromote Nocturnelle)
Steal My Heart-Sheer bright pink with multidimensional pearl (frost)
Virgin Kiss-Sheer pale pink with multidimensional pearl (frost)

See-Thru Lip Colour (Retail $14)
Loving Touch-Sheer pearly light pink (Translucent Frost)
Secret Crush-Sheer red berry (translucent)
Tender Tryst-Sheer pearly plum (Translucent Frost)

Beauty Powder (Retail $22)
Blush of Youth-Clean pink with gold pearl
Summer Rose-Soft violet pink with pearl

Nail Polish (Retail $11)
Love & Friendship-Creamy midtone lavender (Cream)

Just a Pinch-This is a new gel-form blush, designed to give the skin a sheer hint of buildable colour. It can be used on lips or cheeks. (Retail $19.50)
Just a Pinch-Sheer red/pink tint

Also with this collection are two interesting things. First is Fix+ Rose, the popular makeup fixing spray formulated with rosewater to set makeup as well as hydrate the skin. This retails for $17. Admittedly I’ve never used Fix+ before, but if this hits the outlets I just might. Then there is the Dejarose perfume. It opens up with various different rose notes leading to a floral heart of lily, orchid, peony, and jasmine, finishing with a base of patchouli, dark woods, and amber. It retails for $22, however you are getting less than an ounce of perfume-and when you do the math it equates out to $55 for a 1.7 ounce bottle, if there even was one, which is right on point with most high-end fragrance. It is the perfect size, however, for someone like myself who admittedly can’t finish a bottle of perfume, but if you love this you may want to stock up (the perfumes typically do end up at outlets though).

Finally there is the Rose Romance quad. It is exclusive to Nordstrom and I am 90% sure I will be getting it for my birthday. It features Contrast (a permanent shade) and Solar White (my favourite highlight, a repromote from Cool Heat) joining Seeds of Youth, which is a frosted peach, and Petal Worship which is a light blue-based pink.

Some notes: Magnetique has been in several collections before, the most recent being in the 2008 Little Darlings pink lips set. The Beauty Powders are in the MSF containers, presumably due to the sculpted shape of them.

So what will I be getting? Besides the quad, probably nothing. The lipsticks are meh, Magnetique is at the outlet, the shadows are meh (I already have Creme de Violet), I have Mutiny (and could get Circa Plum at the outler), and so forth. I would get Blush of Youth, as it is the warmer of the two Beauty Powders, if money allowed, but I have a lot of that kind of stuff already-and Beauty Powders typically clog up the CCO. These will probably be no exception, as the Hello Kitty ones are still well in stock in many areas, however Alpha Girl did sell out many places. I expect one or both of these to sell out somewhere, but Summer Rose may just be too plummy for most.


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