Dsquared2 for MAC (CONFIRMED 23/4)

17 April, 2009

As of 23/4, I have verbal confirmation that this collection is a go. I do not know exact products yet; however look for this collection to come out in October, as is the traditional time for a collection like this to come out.

So what could this mean? If we take a look at the FW 09 show, you see a VERY intense eye. While the McQueen Pagan collection was a light lip and a bright eye with intense liner, and Ungaro was a neutral look with some punches of colour, this is a black eye-and it extends down further.

Catherine McNeil, credit style.com

Catherine McNeil, credit style.com

As you can tell from the picture of Catherine, it is a very, very dark eye, with a black-flecked shade blended up to the brow as well as a dark silvery blackened-blue down below. Black is going to be the big colour for this fall in makeup, and this shows it effectively.

Iekeliene Stange, credit style.com

Iekeliene Stange, credit style.com

With this shot of Iekeliene though, you can tell that they maybe just used black down below and in the crease, and potentially used the silver on the lids, mixed with some of the black. I’m getting a little bit of a brown as well, but that may just be me.

Masha Novoselova, credit style.com

Masha Novoselova, credit style.com

Finally, with this shot of Masha, you can tell that besides her having amazing cheekbones, the lip is going to be a glossy-and-wearable pale pink, a bit frosty, and the cheek is not only going to be sculpted but it’s going to be a sheered-down peachy bronze-which I have a feeling could very well be a Mineralize blush or a good ol’ powder blush…who knows.

So if this collection does indeed come out, the three key points: a dark eye with hints of silver and blue but mainly black, a bronze blush along the cheekbones to give a nice sculpted appearance (granted Iekeliene doesn’t exactly need that), and a nice light pink lip with a bit of frost. If this collection does come out, it will be in mid-October, or maybe late September (as they were moving Ungaro like crazy last year).


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