10 April, 2009

Sunday is Easter, and if you are like me and you are a churchgoer, there is one thing you commonly see: all the young girls, dressed up in all sorts of finery-the frilly/airy dress, the little straw hat, and the miniature purse that never has anything in it half the time, but is mainly for show. For many of us older folks though-it isn’t as special. Especially attending a Lutheran church where half the congregation shows up in jeans, and some people in Crocs and/or sweats (hopefully no Snuggies), most people won’t dress up a whole lot more than they normally do. Of course, there are people like myself who are the converse of that:)

Anywhoo, normally people wear all matter of bright and/or pastel items. It’s seen as the first real day of spring to many, as the weather is usually nice and many times it falls before the spring equinox. However…it’s going to rain on Sunday. Translation? I’m not so sure I want to wear all bright or pastel. I do that most of the time anyways, so I am going different. And since I’m serving on hospitality, I need to dress up moreso than I normally would. And, I partially did this because it usually takes me forever to get ready on a Sunday morning and I wanted to cut that time in half or maybe more, as I have to get up at 6:30 to leave the house at 7. (Usually on a Sunday if I have to shampoo my hair that day, I am up at 9, otherwise I can sleep in til 9:45)So I decided that for Sunday services (we do 3 services Easter morning) I was going to wear a black dress. It’s not going to be seen as being the most traditional, as people are probably expecting me to wear something fun and bright. The thing is though, I was going to wear a green one-shouldered dress that I only had worn once before but when I read the weather report, I didn’t feel like breaking the silk dress out. I could also have worn my pink strapless dress, with a bolero over it, but that didn’t feel as appealing either. What I am wearing though?

-a black strapless fit/flare dress with a bit of a bubble hem. I got it at Express for $18 and have not worn it (as I rarely ever leave the house, so no event to wear it to yet) and figured that it would be as good a time as ever to break it out.
-a cream bolero jacket with black lacy trim. I got it from Target a year and a half ago (it was in the Libertine line) for $6, and I rarely wear it but when I do, it’s usually for church, as it keeps my shoulders and most of my chest covered (freeing me to wear strapless dresses since I will be covered).
-my pink Express rhinestone brooch (kind of a swirl/flower mix) pinned at the waistline on the left side.
-a huge rhinestone necklace from Express.

I don’t know what shoes yet, but I am breaking the rule of only having one big accessory, as the rest of the outfit is more toned-down, so I can do two big pieces. I don’t necessarily agree with only doing one big piece-it depends on the outfit. For example, if you’re going to wear a crystal-encrusted gown, don’t wear huge ANYTHING. Likewise, if you are wearing something basic and black (or white) you can go for a couple of pieces, but not everything big.


So what are you wearing for Easter (if you go to services)?


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