Review: Aquavert (from Sugarsweet)

31 March, 2009

So I just got Aquavert from Sugarsweet, and I’ve got my thoughts!

This shadow is definitely one that I feel most MAC fans should have, if for no other reason than it’s a colour that does not come out very often (that type of colour-the pale green/aqua). It’s a Veluxe Pearl in the truest sense of the word-the shadow itself is like butter. It’s very low shimmer compared to even some other Veluxe Pearls-absolutely gorgeous. It is a very easy colour to work with, as you could do a lot of two-colour looks with this. It also would be good for a younger person who doesn’t want to do a ton of colour.

The downside is that it didn’t really photograph well. I tried doing some swatches for comparison-and it failed miserably. The one I wanted to compare it to the most was Mood Ring-and they really aren’t all that similar. Mood Ring is darker, brighter, and has a blue duochrome, while Aquavert is true seafoam green. I have had some issues with Mood Ring (lack of payoff at times) but when I try Aquavert tomorrow, I hope to have them resolved.

My rating is a solid 4/5 for the fact that it is a good finish and a colour that isn’t seen a lot in the MAC world-however, it isn’t anything TOO amazing.


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