MAC Colour Ready Now Online!

31 March, 2009

This collection is not about colour. Yes, there are colour products, but that is not the point. This is an expansion of the Prep & Prime line with three all-new permanent products, designed to perfect the skin before makeup application.

First is P&P Skin Refined Zone. This product is designed to help hide visible pores, as well as control oil and shine, to help make foundation sit more evenly. I am definitely interested because the last foundation I wore definitely seemed to sink into my pores. This is about $20, and it is a small package, but it is mainly intended for the T-Zone (although I would use it on my cheeks).

Second we have P&P Line Filler. This one is an exciting one-it’s exactly what it says it is: a line-filling cream. I am very self-conscious about my wrinkles, so this is one that I will excitedly be adding to my arsenal. This is interesting because it’s said to be used post-foundation but pre-makeup…however any makeup wearer worth their salt knows you NEVER do foundation before eyes. It says that with regular use, the lines will soften out-which is something I personally am hoping for. It is $19.50 as well, so definitely fairly cheap.

The final new product is a Transparent Finishing Powder. It’s supposed to help reduce the look of imperfections, while at the same time helping to control shine. I know that MAC already has these sorts of powders, but I think this is supposed to be the end-all perfector. This is $21.50, but I still am going to give this one a try, so that I can say what it does well. (Although I am dreading going downtown to try it…most of the high schools are on spring break)

The colour in this collection is bright. Two eyeshadows, two lipsticks, Eye Brows, and Penultimate Liner. I have not tried the Penultimate liner, however I have heard some good reviews about it. The Eye Brows are the basic Stud shade, which would be too dark for me. Yeah, I do have dark brown brows, however my skin is light but warm and my hair light too, so if anything I have to go lighter when I go for a brow finisher. The two eyeshadow shades are permanent-White Frost (basic shimmery highlighter) and Bitter (which is a MAC store shade). I have Bitter in the Manish Arora palette, and it’s not that great. It is a nice colour but it is very difficult to get anything out of it, as there is so little colour payoff, and I find it to be a bit chalky. The two lipstick shades are permanent as well-Impassioned and Show Orchid (which is permanent at the PRO level. Show Orchid is a hot pink, while Impassioned is a fuschia-both of them being the Amplified finish, so you know you’re going to be getting a lot of colour.

As far as what to get from the collection, I would have to say to give the three new P&P products a try. If you are into bright lips, you need Show Orchid (and I intend to get it), but otherwise the colour is skippable. It launches at all counters on Thursday, but like I said, it is online right now.


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