Happy Monday!

30 March, 2009

Well it’s the start of yet another week of job-hunting for me! I’ve got a few places that I am going either tomorrow or Tuesday, so hopefully I will be hired soon and buying much more makeup!

So a review on what I got the other day: Plum Dressing is best used as either a lower liner, or on the entire lid. I tried using it in the crease and it doesn’t work well when applied with a 217. I would consider it to be a neutral purple-you can tell that it is purple, because my green eyes pop like crazy, but it’s subdued enough to be considered a neutral on me, to where it could be worn everyday. I admit, some days I do want to be lazy and just wear this with a little eyeliner. As for Tippy? Gorgeous. I have not tried a BPB on my own before, so my basic thing is that they are like a blush form of Beauty Powders (if the name didn’t already give it away). They are laced with a very, very faint pearl-not even shimmer, I would say. You can then use whatever skinfinish you want on top of it, or just leave it as is. It is a bright colour in the pan, however it does work quite nicely to give a nice, subtle flush to the cheeks. I am definitely glad I bought it, and intend to buy a backup or two when it gets to the outlet because it is that great of a colour. The latest big must-have MAC product has become the Peppermint Patti nailpolish. Sure, it’s a fun colour-however every brand under the sun is putting out their spring range, and you are bound to at least find SOMETHING similar in there. Also, the pale green will not work for everybody, especially because it is a cream finish. The one thing I have noticed is that more and more of the polishes coming out these days are of a cream-finish, as opposed to a frost or a shimmer. While I don’t like the ones packed with glitter, I do appreciate a bit of shimmer/frost. Looking towards fall though, the trend looks to be a matte nail.

I am hoping to put up a list of eye combinations eventually, or maybe 10 different ways of using each of the shadows that I already have. I gotta say, for someone as uninspired as me, it’s not easy-but I’ll manage. Somehow.

Finally, it’s another day of job-hunting for me-and the typical wisdom for job-hunting is that no matter what-be it going to pick up the application, returning the application, or going for the interview-you dress the same. No skirt shorter than knee length, no low-cut or sleeveless tops, no excessive accessories, no sneakers, no flip-flops, avoid perfume. However, I heard different wisdom from a lady at my church (who taught at the high school I went to), in that you always dress for the job you are applying for when you interview. I have to disagree in a way. Sure, if you’re applying at somewhere that has you wear all black, then it is best to wear all black. But if you don’t know, or if it’s a less formal environment, it is always best to dress nicer. And many people say no makeup, no accessories…but I do disagree in a way. Makeup can be done as long as it is tasteful and stays relatively neutral. I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup, so it won’t change for job hunting. I just do a little purple eyeshadow, a mauve eyeliner, and a little bit of blush and lipgloss so that I don’t look absolutely heinous.


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