Felix Rey for Target

29 March, 2009

As a part of Target’s Design For All program, many designers from all fields of design-be it fashion, handbags, housewares, accessories, and more-have designed small capsule collections to be sold at very democratic prices. The latest is Felix Rey, which is a handbag collection-ranging from $20 to

The brand itself is founded by Lily Band and Sulaika Zarrouk, and while I do not know about their designs already, this collection is a very beachy collection. All of the bags, at least that I know of, are leather-free, so someone like me can carry one with a clear conscience. Straw, gold metallics, and shells are common in here, and there are a lot of whites and blues. As far as size goes, there is quite the range-from clutches to larger totes.

Probably the bag that will be the biggest seller in this is the coral motif bag-a white cotton tote with gold trim and seashell that has a coral print. It’s a decent size as well-14x15x1.5″. I find that many of the canvas bags are a lot more basic-the fish tote (the highest priced of the collection at $50) and most of the bags with the seashells would only really be great for one season. If you are a bit crafty though you could switch out the shell for a more basic piece of hardware.

I will definitely try and check these out soon, and if you like a bag, hop on it: the collection is only in stores until early June. I am hoping to get the coral bag and maybe the large gold canvas tote. The collection is up now at target.com-I can’t post the images from there, however give it a look if you are looking for a new spring/summer bag.


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