Freebies And Deals Galore!

27 March, 2009

So I got some extra money from my mum-and I decided, why not spend a little? I’m not spending a ton, but I wanted to get a couple things just to cure the itch. And my quest today began at the bank itself, where there was a TON of WaMu swag. Whoo Hoo bumper stickers, pencils, shoelaces, and the best? Burger flippers. I got a flipper and a bumper sticker, because as we all know WaMu is becoming Chase, and well, I’m a born and bred Seattleite so I gotta have my WaMu stuff.

Then I get down to U-Village, and it’s off to the MAC store. As far as Sugarsweet goes, they sold out of Red Velvet, Peppermint Patti, and Dear Cupcake-but the more surprising thing? Hello Kitty. They had Nice to Be Nice, one of the glitter liners, most of the lipsticks, the Beauty Powders, BOTH of the TLC’s, and Tippy. I had wanted Tippy, so I picked that up, along with a Pro Pan of Plum Dressing. I just picked a random non-matte shadow and I preferred a purple, so I got that. I do want Parfait Amour eventually though. I will review them later. Also, because I got a Hello Kitty item, I got the GWP Hello Kitty tote. It’s a vinyl tote with the logo and print on it, and it’s a square-shaped shallow tote (I would say 15″x15″x2″) that would be good for papers. Then I got to VS. Limited Brands has apparently been feeling the recession hard, and you could tell. Many bras were 2/$49, there were two tables of sale panties ($4 and up, so a good way to get some if you need some), and there was a small sale rack of various sleepwear items (garter belts, PINK) and then some beauty stuff. There may have been more, as I went to a smaller VS that does not have the full beauty section. They have all Dream Angels Desire and Dream Angels Wish for 30% off, which is a damn good deal and I love both perfumes. There is a new Dream Angels Heavenly Bloom, which is a special spring edition, and to me it smelled very similar to Wish. This does have freesia and magnolia though. The fun thing that there is in this fragrance is a solid perfume ring, very similar to the Daisy ring, and it is $30. The latest bra they came out with is the Perfect One-which is fronted by Heidi Klum. If you try the bra on itself, you get $5 off your purchase! Yes, any purchase, including these clearances. I sadly could not afford the bra itself right now but I definitely suggest giving it a try. However, I did pick up a PINK hoodie-one of the rhinestone hoodies, it says “PEACE LOVE PINK” on the back with rhinestone hearts and peace signs on the front, hood, each sleeve, and the back. It was supposed to be $40, but it was mistagged $20-and I got it at the ticket price, and then take off the $5. I got it for $15!

And on the note of freebies, there is a brand new thing called Pink Nation. You can sign up at the VS Pink website (, and you’ll get an email with a coupon for a free gift (at least you should). It is supposed to be a tote, however many stores are out-so I got a little 1-ounce size of the new citrus mint lotion in the Pink line. The nice thing about the new body care? It’s cruelty-free with vegan and organic ingredients. Not to be outdone, there is a new bodycare line in VS that is all naturals with fragrances like Sandalwood/Vanilla, Honeysuckle/White Patchouli, and Acai/Magnolia. I will try both of them out eventually. I know that Aerie (American Eagle’s innerwear brand) has a thing where you can sign up for their club and you get a coupon for a free panty.


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