FOTD 25 March: Wild Side

25 March, 2009

Well, it was about time I got a nice, bright look up here! I am doing this to prove that brights are easily workable, and well, I love this look! I normally don’t repeat lip combos, however I liked the one from Sugarsweet yesterday so I am redoing it.

For this, you need:
Eyes: Lancome Cils Booster, mascara of choice (no drugstore brands allowed), Shell CCB, Rose Blanc eyeshadow, Helium pigment, Bright Sunshine eyeshadow (this is a PRO colour), Urban Decay Jones eyeshadow, Fuschia pigment, Fresh Green Mix MES Duo
Cheeks: Spaced Out blush, So Ceylon MSF
Lips: Lollipop Lovin’ lipsick, Wonderstruck Lustreglass

Substitutions: Rose Blanc=Crystal Avalanche. Helium=Pink Freeze. Fresh Green Mix (you’re only using the Mono side)=Golden Olive. Spaced Out=bronzer of choice. So Ceylon=Gold Deposit or Soft & Gentle applied with a 187 brush. Lollipop Lovin’=no dupe.


Directions: After applying Cils Booster and mascara, apply Shell to the eyelids with a concealer brush. Use a 231 and apply Bright Sunshine to the inner third of the eyelid, then apply Jones with the same brush to the middle of the lid, making sure to blend the lines as you go. Use the 231, or a 239, to apply Fuschia to the outer lid and the outer corner. Use a 219 to apply Fresh Green Mix’s mono side as a lower liner, and then use a 275 to soften it if necessary. Use a 275 to apply Rose Blanc from the crease to the brow, and then apply Helium in the crease with a 217. Blend the eyelid colours, and then if necessary, use a small blending brush to apply a little more Jones (as I find it tends to lose its brightness when used with many other colours). For the cheeks, sweep a little bit of Spaced Out along the cheekbones, and then buff So Ceylon all over the face. Finally, finish up with a coat of Lollipop Lovin’, topped with Wonderstruck!

This is a very toned-down brights look, as I’m not taking the colours up beyond the crease and I am using a very subdued colour in the crease. A pencil liner of a different colour will definitely tone it down. Other than that, this is toned-down as the face is just bronzed, and the lips are a pale pink.

Bon Appetit!


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