Inspired by Sugarsweet: Part 2

24 March, 2009

So I just put up the green and yellow look, and now it’s time for the pinks and purples. Thankfully, I already own Stars ‘n Rockets, and Lollipop Lovin’ as well…so this is an eye-emphasis look if there ever was one.

You need:
(pictures after the fold)

Eyes: Lancome Definicils Pro mascara, Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow, Sushi Flower eyeshadow, Pink Freeze eyeshadow, Pink Pearl pigment, Fuschia pigment, Gold glitter, Golden Lemon pigment, Reflects Very Pink glitter, Engaging MES
Cheeks: Love Rock mineralize blush duo, So Ceylon MSF
Lips: Lollipop Lovin’ lipstick, Wonderstruck Lustreglass

Substitutions: Love Rock=Pink Swoon. So Ceylon=Soft & Gentle applied with a 187. Lollipop Lovin’-no dupe.


Directions: After applying mascara, apply Crystal Avalanche from the crease to the brow with a 252. Use a fluff brush to apply Sushi Flower to the entire lid, and then use a small brush to apply Pink Freeze to the inner corner of the eye, making sure to blend well. Then, using a 275, apply Fuschia over top of Sushi Flower to get a nice, bright pink. Use a 219 and apply Stars ‘n Rockets as a lower liner, and then use a 212 with Gold right at the lower lash line (not on the waterline, silly. It may help to have a wipe handy or to have a little tissue taped under the eye, as this could get messy. Using the 219, apply a line of Pink Pearl extending up about a half inch past the eye (a continuation of the Stars ‘n Rockets) and then draw it over to connect into the crease at a somewhat-straight line. Use a small blending brush to apply a light amount of Golden Lemon into the crease, and top that with a good coating of Reflects Very Pink. Use your blush brush of choice to apply Love Rock along the cheekbone, and then use your 181 or other buffer brush of choice to apply So Ceylon all over the face. Finally, finish with a coat of Lollipop Lovin’, and top it with Wonderstruck!

To tone it down, skip the gold glitter. I would also suggest a lighter purple, like Beautiful Iris, as the lower liner, and use Viz-a-Violet instead of Pink Pearl.

I have to say, this is one of my favourite lip combinations-definitely makes a statement without being too bold. I will be doing this again in the future.


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