Inspired By Sugarsweet: Part 1

24 March, 2009

Back after Hello Kitty came out, I did two looks that I felt were inspired by the collection as well as by the character. Well this time for Sugarsweet, I am doing two looks that I feel are inspired by the collection, which has a lot of pastels but then some brights to kick it up a notch. This look is my green and yellow look. There are some greens (Cake Shop, Aquavert, Peppermint Patti) and a yellow (Lemon Chiffon) in this, so figure do pastels and then BAM-a nice, bright pink lip.

For this look, you need:
(pictures below the fold)

Eyes: Lancome Cils Booster, mascara of choice, Heatherette Trio 1, Estee Lauder Butter, Mutiny pigment, Reflects Gold glitter, Helium pigment, Aire-de-Blu pigment
Cheeks: Helium pigment
Lips: Hollywood Nights lipstick, Love Alert Dazzleglass

Sustitutions: Hoppin’ (from Trio 1)=Yogurt. Mood Ring (from Trio 1)=Aquavert can be used, but no permanent dupe. Butter=Golden Lemon (Golden Lemon is brighter, but will work). Mutiny=Clear Sky Blue. Helium=no dupe. Aire-de-Blu=no dupe. Hollywood Nights=Girl About Town.sdc10199sdc10201sdc10198

After putting on Cils Booster and mascara, apply Hoppin’ with a 252 from the crease to the brow. Use a 275 and then apply Mood Ring over the whole lid, and use a small blending brush to apply Mutiny in the crease. Use any brush you want to apply Helium from the crease to the brow. Lightly apply Aire-de-Blu over the entire lid, and then use the small blending brush to apply Reflects Gold on the outer lid and the crease. Use a liner brush of your choice-I used my mark eyeliner brush that is similar to the 219-to apply Butter as a lower liner.

To tone this down, I would go thinner on the lower liner, axe the glitter, or do a different lower liner entirely-a look like this would be good with a silver liner. You also can go a little brighter on the cheek, maybe mix a little Fuschia with Helium.


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