Sephora! Woo!!

23 March, 2009

So today I went into Sephora to check out some new stuff and some stuff I’ve been wanting to try for awhile…as I don’t always get free time like this, ya know!

The main thing I wanted to try was the Pocket Rocket gloss from UD but sadly, they were not in yet. I did finally get to try the new Heavy Metal liners, and they are all gorgeous. Catfight is a true bright magenta, and it seems similar to the bright pink deluxe shadow, or MAC’s Romping. I love pinks, so it is a necessity for me. Groupie is a paler pink-think a midtone silvery pink. It would be amazing with a pale pink shadow like Pink Freeze, or with some neutrals to break it up. Stage Dive is a teal-green, so good with a wide variety of colours. It is not new-new, but it is permanent now, and it’s the one I need the least, but I still need it. I also tried out Distortion-which is a white iridescent liner-and it is gorgeous. I would be able to wear a lot more looks if I used Distortion, as it’s very subtle. I also tried out BadGal Lash from Benefit-in both the plum and the navy. I dunno if it was the disposable applicator or the mascara, but I got no results from the plum. However the navy is quite nice, and I may end up giving it a try as it did seem to at least give a little bit of colour. The thing I always loved about Benefit is the vintage inspiration, and the cheeky names-they now have the “Dear John” moisturizer.

Tried a couple of perfumes. Finally got to try Viva La Juicy, and it was okay but I won’t be buying the actual perfume. I did try Givenchy’s Hot Couture and it doesn’t have a ton of lasting power on me but damn, it is sexy. It’s citrusy when you first spritz it, but then a really nice vetiver-floral comes out and it dries down to a nice sandalwood. A lot of people consider it to be one of their “sexy” fragrances, and while I don’t have any use for that kind it’s still nice and it will be going on Le Wish-List.

Took a look at the MUFE Star Powders. They didn’t have a free brush, so I couldn’t try it (I won’t use sponge-tip applicators) but one of the shades-952 I believe-is the brightest pink, and it’s a shimmer. Think pigment plus reflects glitter in a little sifter jar. Yes please! They have some bright shadow shades as well, but you’d need a damn good base. I have the matte yellow and while the shadows are a good value-$19 each-the colour just goes flat on me. I am interested in picking up #75-a true bright pink-as I need that kind of brightness in my life.

Both Too Faced and Kat Von D have glosses that could give Dazzleglasses a run for their money, no joke. The Too Faced glosses (Girls Dig Pearls) have crushed sea pearls. All the shades are on the sheerer end, but they have iridescent shimmer to them. I tried out either Shell or Pink Bling and it was definitely heavy on the shimmer, which I liked, but not overly frosty. I do want to try Tropical Pink though. Then Kat Von D has Lightning Glosses which are $18 as well, and the best part: there is an orange. It’s called Party Animal, and you know Nice to be Nice from the MAC Hello Kitty collection? This is way better. It’s sheer, so still wearable, but you get a decent amount of orange AND a lot more shimmer. I would prefer something a lot more pigmented, but this is infinitely more wearable (ie I could wear it every day, to church, on job hunting, etc).

Tarte has a new palette that is in the $40 range, and it comes with lip shades, eye shades, and a couple cheek shades. The palette itself is made of straw and the tray is recyclable, but I’ve heard the colours aren’t that great. It is still worth a try though to see if you like it, because it is a great deal and the case is cute.

Finally, if you are into hair styles, try the Fekkai Coiff stuff. That’s all I have to say:)


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