Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Glosses

20 March, 2009

So yesterday, I got an email from Urban Decay, and they have some brand new lipgloses out! They are called Pocket Rocket glosses, and they are certain to cause quite the stir when you take them out. Each of the 8 shades has a guy on there, and when you tilt the tube the picture changes from a clothed picture (everything from a suit to emo-tight jeans) to a picture of the guy in his undies. The picture is on both sides, so you can get a front AND back view of your guy!

The glosses themselves are $19 each, and the nice thing is that apparently the tube is a flat design, and it is a brush applicator, which makes blending a lot easier. They contain hyaluronic spheres which help to hydrate the lips and fill in lines and wrinkles (not plumping), and it is a creme brulee flavour, so be prepared for a lickable gloss.

The interesting thing about it all is that the Sephora website says when you rub the tube, pheromones are released into the air. If it indeed is true, that’s definitely a first for a lipgloss.

The 8 shades are: David (suit-and-tie guy)-a milky mauve.
Doug (party boy)-sheer midtone pink with iridescent pearl.
Eric (tuxedo)-sheer true red.
James (emo tight pants boy)-sheer hot pink with UV glow.
Jesse (long-haired rocker guy)-sheer blackberry with warm sparkle.
Julio (hot dad)-sheer white with iridescent pearl.
Kirk (mini-afro kinda preppy guy)-sheer creamy nude.
Timothy (sweater vest and tie guy)-creamy coral with pink glow.

I am personally most interested in Doug, James, Jesse, Julio, and maybe Timothy-but Julio especially for the colour, as Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass is NOT returning in the Dazzleglass relaunch. I will head to Sephora sometime next week to check them out (if they are out yet) and let you know how they really are.


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