Lancome GWP at Nordie’s!

18 March, 2009

This one I just found out about from the Nordie’s mailer, so look for it instore very soon! This one has a $39.50 buy-in, which is an eyeshadow and a lipstick most of the time, so nothing too painful:) It’s your pretty standard GWP for the most part, except for a detail I will save for last.

Of course, you get your usual small guys-Definicils mascara, Bi-Facil eyemakeup remover, Renergie Microlift cream, and so forth. It’s always nice to have the little things of mascara because it can save you from immediately having to run out and buy a new tube for a couple weeks. I don’t use the skincare, but the eyemakeup remover is perfectly travel-sized and a little less than half of the full size. The lipsticks in the GWP’s are always full-size, just in a thinner plastic casing-which is fine by me, as it works better in my makeup case. The lipstick this time is Boiling Point, a Colour Fever Shine formula lipstick-which looks to be a dark red in the picture but a brown online. Must investigate this one myself, as I’ll be near a Sephora on Friday.

You always get a shadow quad, and this is a neutral lover’s dream. It definitely has Bikini Golden and Daylight, at least from the looks of it, as well as a coffee brown and then a more neutral gold with less shimmer. I love the quads to pop in a beach bag, because when I’m at the beach I’m going in the water, so I don’t WANT to take all my jars of pigment and all 12 lip products I carry (yes, I counted).

This comes with a mini Juicy Tubes gloss in Pink Horizon, which is a nice, neutral shade, and conveniently purse-sized as well. Haven’t tried it myself, but I love the Bolole gloss.

Some of the sets come with a miniature Star Bronzer, which is a pressed bronzer powder-and the perfect size for a minimalist. I admit, I have a couple of these and I love them. It’s a nice bronzer that should work for all skin tones.

Of course, you get a bag. This time, it’s a hanging cosmetic bag with pink and orange dots on it. Way cute-definitely one of the cuter bags in recent memory (and I have a ton of the Lancome bags). I remember way back when the Bon was doing a GWP, and my mum got a tote and then a loaf of baguette, and one of the GWP items was a nail polish. She would kick back a little mascara or something every now and then, and then when I was in the 7th grade she bought me my first Lancome product (and my first full-sized high end product)-a frosty green shadow called Limelight. After that and a white shadow that I believe was called Flash (bought when I was in the 8th grade), I got hooked on the Lancome items.

I mentioned at the beginning though that there was a something special! If you spend $65, you get two FULL-SIZE Colour Fever glosses-one permanent shade (Inferno) and one shade that is being previewed at Nordie’s (Flushed). A damn good deal if you ask me!

As far as future GWP’s go, keep your eyes out in mid-to-late May because that is when Macy’s (or the Bon, as I know it) does the tote GWP, and then July has Nordie’s doing a low buy-in GWP due to the Anniversary sale.


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