Ed Hardy at COSTCO?!? (UPDATED 28 JUNE)

15 March, 2009

Yes, you read correctly. While for many years the clothing section at Costco was full of ugly pieces or pieces that wouldn’t appeal to the younger person, there have been SOME good things. Rampage (a junior’s brand) had these lace sleeveless tops, and I got it in three colours. They also have some Lucky Brand jeans for $40. Regular inseam, not any of the really fashion-trendy styles, but still, $40 for basic Lucky jeans. I have a pair and they are amazing for the legs-they have some stretch in them so if you’ve got some curve to you, they won’t look gauche.

Well, today, I was looking among the things, and then I see it: ED HARDY S/S SHIRTS: $26.99! Yes, $27. For an Ed Hardy short sleeved shirt! They usually run over $70 each, so for it at that price is insane. I know some people are tired of the whole Ed Hardy trend, but I really don’t care. I would wear an Ed Hardy anyways because I like the graphics. The one I got has a butterfly on top of a skull, no crystals or anything-but still awesome. They also had another one but I didn’t like it as much.

Also, for $2 or $3 more, you could get a long-sleeved shirt. I rarely ever wear long sleeves, so short it was for me. (They had way more long-sleeved ones though). At those prices, it is an insane deal, and will not last for very long, so I would suggest heading down to your local Costco and seeing what they have.

You also can get good deals on makeup-my mum has gotten two-packs of Definicils, and they did sell a couple MAC shadows for a couple bucks under retail as well.

*UPDATE* I went today, and they had hoodies! They’d had them for awhile, so they just had the brown and then a few XS purples. They had the long-sleeved tees marked down to $13, and the hoodies marked down to $30. They are trying to clear them out, so it’s best you get down there now! Oh yeah, they only have XS-M, at least that I know of, in the hoodies.


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